The demand for outdoor fireplaces in residential houses has increased recently. Because of this, the need for Paramus NJ outdoor fireplaces has skyrocketed with many property owners seeking to have this important feature installed on their properties. Nowadays, selling a property attracts better prices when it comes with key home features such as a swimming pool and an outdoor fireplace. Because of this, you can be sure investing in an outdoor fireplace will definitely increase the value of your home.

However, just like with any other big home investment, you need to plan, research well, and make good choices when looking for an outdoor fireplace. There are different providers, so it’s up to you to find reliable information that will ensure your investment is spent on a quality outdoor fireplace that will offer you great services in the years to come.

Safety is a paramount issue when dealing with fireplaces. Because of the high risks involved, it is important to ensure that outdoor fireplaces comply with safety regulations. One of the best ways to ensure safety is enforced is to purchase outdoor fireplaces that have an excellent safety record. It’s also important to observe general safety tips to avoid accidents that can cause serious injuries or damage property.

Unfortunately, many fireplace accidents are caused as a result of ignorance and careless, so it’s important to be aware of how to stay safe. As the owner of the fire pit, it is your responsibility to ensure that your family and guests remain safe when they’re near the outdoor fireplace.

Even though outdoor fireplaces in Paramus NJ are safe to use, there are a few safety precautions that are necessary. Below are some of the most vital ones to keep in mind.

Never Leave the Fire Pit Unattended

When using an outdoor fireplace, it is important to ensure that there is always someone to keep a close eye on it. Never leave a burning fire unattended as this can pose a huge risk to yourself, family, guests, and property. Many fires that have been associated with fireplaces are a result of people leaving fireplaces burning without supervision.

Embers float away from the confines of a fireplace and instantly spark a fire outside the fire pit. So, when a fireplace is in use, you must be physically present to ensure everything works as expected and is safe.

Keep a Safe Distance from the Fireplace

Because of combustion, outdoor fireplaces operate at very high temperatures, so staying too close to it is dangerous. It is particularly important to keep children and pets away from the fireplace. When using an outdoor fireplace ensure you’re at least 3 feet away from the pit. This distance should be maintained on all sides of the fireplace. By doing so, you’re guaranteed safety in the event of a possible accident.

Use a Fire Pad

If you’re using portable Paramus NJ outdoor fireplaces, you should invest in a fire pad, especially if you lack a concrete, stone, or brick slab to lay your foundation on. Doing this is important as it protects the ground from extreme heat and temperatures which could cause damage or spark a fire. If you’re not sure where to get a fire pad, talk to your outdoor fireplaces expert for some recommendations.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

If you have an outdoor fireplace you should invest in a fire extinguisher, or a working hose, to be on standby just in case of a fire emergency. Alternatively, some people choose to have at least 2 buckets of water near the fireplace in case of an emergency. However, a fire extinguisher is the best option as it works much faster. If you’re looking to find the best fire extinguisher, it’s recommended to seek advice from a professional fireplace installer.

Have Smoke Vents

Outdoor fireplaces are directly exposed to weather conditions such as strong winds, so it’s important to ensure the fire and smoke are kept within control. Smoke vents on fireplaces allow embers and smoke to be directed in an upward direction rather than outwards which can be dangerous. Once you have smoke vents in place, you are able to control how your fireplace operates which guarantees your safety and that of your family and guests.

Ensure Your Fireplace is Stable

Outdoor fireplaces, especially portable ones, need to be used when they’re in a stable and level position. Never place the fireplace on uneven or sloppy land without offering adequate support. If an outdoor fireplace topples over, it could cause a fire, injure someone, or damage nearby property. As long as you purchase certified Paramus NJ outdoor fireplaces, you can be assured you’ll invest in designs whose stability has been tested and proven to be safe.

Keep Fuel Away from Your Fireplace

After using fuel to light up Paramus NJ outdoor fireplaces, you need to keep it away from the fire pit. Keeping fuel too close to the fire pit can spark a huge fire which could cause serious injuries or even death as well as extensive damage to property. To avoid this risk, fuel should be stored at least 20 feet away from the confines of your outdoor fireplace.

Don’t Overstock the Fireplace

Before lighting up an outdoor fireplace, you should make sure the right quantities of materials are placed in the fire pit. Avoid putting too much fuel in it and overfilling it. Also, don’t cram too many logs into the fireplace as doing this can be very risky.