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Now is the time to reduce and shape and maintain your large evergreens. Some types of evergreen like arborvitae, blue spruce, Norway spruce and pines can use to be trimmed and should be reshaped depending on your yard and usage. It is important to do this before the snow falls!

Many of us in New Jersey use these trees for privacy and or screening on our properties. But, if you don’t maintain them and keep them narrow on top and wider on the bottom (think christmas tree shaped) you could be headed for trouble. For one reason the trees will not get proper sunlight resulting in thinning at the bottom where most people want the privacy the most. Another reason is vulnerability to snow damage. The pyramidal shape allows snow to roll down the tree collecting at the base. When the limbs race out and get too long, this allows for areas to catch snow and potentially break limbs or entire tops of trees!

Evergreens are beautiful trees and provide beauty throughout the winter months with their stark contrast against a white snowy backdrop. You can keep them looking beautiful with just a little bit of work now which will allow you to enjoy their presence in your yard year round.

We understand that pruning and trimming your evergreens may not be in your wheelhouse. We at Arapahoe

Pool & Landscape Contractors appreciate that and as experts in our fields, we can handle tasks like this with no problem! Don’t ever feel bad about bringing in an expert to help you with your property. We take pride in the work we do and are always happy to step in and make your yard look beautiful.

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