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Grounds Maintenance


Have your yard + garden beds routinely and pristinely taken care of by the experts. 

What is the yearly schedule? What months are grounds maintenance necessary?

Lawn maintenance is done on a weekly basis usually between mid to end of March through October depending on weather as well as type of large trees that are on property. Oak trees hold on to their leaves till late November. Seasonal planting, privacy hedge installations, and garden enhancements are done less frequently, usually once or twice a year.

We work with local nurseries to select the strongest plants for your yard based on a number of factors including, the amount of sunlight vs shade your yard gets, the watering systems available, and your properties aesthetics.

We are booking maintenance accounts for Spring 2024! Call or email today!
Telephone: (201) 651-9106

Our maintenance division services the following Bergen County towns: Bergen County Towns: Allendale, Ramsey, Montvale, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Franklin Lakes and Mahwah.

Examples of our work with seasonal plantings, well maintained lawns, shrubbery and privacy plantings. All installed by our extraordinary team in Bergen County. Make your backyard feel serene, lush and private. 

Privacy Hedges

Plants with a purpose. Ask about privacy plantings for your backyard today.

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  • Muffles noise from the street. 

  • Creates privacy from neighbors and passerby

  • Create coolness. Can be used to create a shadey spot for pets or lounging. 

  • Separate parts of your property to create gathering areas, secluded spots, etc.

  • Visually appealing.

privacy hedges trees planted around a pool in franklin lakes nj.jpg

Lawn Maintenance 

Lawn maintenance is more than mowing the lawn. When you book these services you also are getting edge trimming, bed maintenance, pruning, etc.

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  • Edge trimming service pairs with our weekly maintenance package from March to October. It creates clean professional edges to your gardens + patio.

  • Plant pruning, hedge trimming, and weeding are other services that pair with this. Pruning and weeding keeps your plants healthy for the whole season and is crucial to keeping your property lush and beautiful.

modern rectangle pool with blue stone patio and clean mowed lawn edges
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