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Advice from a New Jersey Landscape Designer on Factors to Consider when Choosing
a Landscape Design

A landscaped property is one of the most beautiful additions you can have and using a professional New Jersey landscape designer is the best way to realize your dream. Whether you’re keen on creating a new landscape feature or you simply want to make changes to an existing design, there are some key considerations you need to think about. Remember, landscaping can be an expensive venture so you’d want everything well planned out before embarking on the project. Do not get tempted to go out and begin shopping for items such plants only to realize you bought the wrong type for your landscape. 

Any landscape designer in New Jersey would recommend taking into account the below factors before putting your landscaping project into action. With these tips, you’ll be able to create a beautiful, lively and thriving landscape. 

Understand your Climatic Yard Conditions

Before choosing a landscaping design, you need to think carefully about the topography of your yard including the type of soil you have. Your yard’s structure has a great influence on the type of concept that will be selected. Other key climatic factors include how much sunlight your yard receives and how many sections of the yard are under a shade. Having this information is vital especially if you plan on including plants as part of your landscape plan as some yards receive full sunlight, partial shade, shade or deep shade. On topography, take note of water drainage as the best landscape design should ensure water moves away from your home. A landscape designer New Jersey can help you put all these issues into perspective. 

Property Occupants

A good landscape design should take into account the users of the yard. If you have kids and pets, you may have to design your yard to cater for them. In addition, you need to identify whether you intend to have any outdoor entertaining facilities and if you’ll be entertaining guests regularly. The approach of designing a private yard and one that regularly has guests may vary especially on how various parts of yard are partitioned. For businesses, they have to consider their clientele and design a landscape that will effectively cater for the needs and promote the business. Make sure to discuss all these issues with your landscape designer New Jersey to find the best concept that will capture your needs and imaginations. 


Landscapes are classified and designed according to various themes. For this reason, you need to understand what kind of theme you’d want to implement on your property and whether it shall be a good match. Having the right theme helps in unifying your landscape and guides which materials and plants you should use. Landscape designer New Jersey experts recommend looking at the architecture of your entire home in order to come up with the right theme. Once you identify a theme, you will easily identify hardscapes, plants and structures that will be part of your landscape. Color is also an important aspect associated with landscaping themes as the color scheme you decide to pick largely influences your theme type. 

Yard Navigation

Good landscapes should have a provision for easy movement from one part of the yard to another. When designing a landscape, you need to think about how each area shall connect with one another and how people will move from one area to another. Don’t be afraid to be creative and come up with unique ways of people exploring your yard. Ensure all areas of the yard are taken into account during design and allow for seamless interconnectivity. A New Jersey landscape designer can advise you on how to effectively make use of space but at the same time, not compromise on navigation. 

Choice of Plants

Plants play a key role in landscaping and have to be well taken care of before the project begins. There are numerous ways plants can add value to your landscape such as provision of fresh lovely aromas, barriers to define landscape areas as well as provide you with fruits and vegetables. If you’re not an expert in identifying plants for your landscape, it’s advisable to seek help from a New Jersey landscape designer with experience in choosing the best types of plants for different landscapes. Remember, plants require constant care and maintenance and therefore, should be carefully selected. Bear in mind that plants are influenced by climate and therefore, you should pick the right plants that can withstand the temperature, wind as well as the levels of light. 

Structure your Plants

When choosing plants for your landscape, it’s vital to work closely with your New Jersey landscape designer to address any issues related to structuring your plants. For instance, you should think about how closely spaced you want your plants to be, the width and height of your plants as well as how your plants will be staggered or layered. In most cases, landscapers love to plant larger plants behind the smaller ones. Plant arrangement needs to be well-planned right from the beginning as making changes later can be challenging. Addressing all plant-related issues and coming up with a strategy paves way for a neat and beautiful landscape. 

Fortunately, the increasing number of New Jersey landscape designer experts gives you a chance to interact with many professionals and identify those you feel understand your requirements and expectations. Landscaping design demands good planning right from the beginning to the end.

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