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Garden/Bed Enhancements

Our garden crew will come either once a week or every other week to clean up your beds, weed, edge, trim shrubs and dead head perennials. This crew will also install and maintain seasonal plants and flowers.

The best way to enhance a garden is to have a clear cut edge along lawn and obviously weed free. These are the basics of garden maintenance, moving on from there, planting a perennial flower overlay is crucial for color throughout the year as well as adding texture and depth to the garden (perennials are flowering plants generally ground cover to 36″ in height depending on variety that come up every year). Beyond that we would add annual flowers (need to be planted every year) and/or garden sculptures or rock formations for interest. Really, garden enhancement is only limited by your imagination. We used old doors on one clients property that looked really amazing and on another property we used a crane to plant large angular rocks sticking 15-20 ft out of the ground.

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