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Allendale NJ Landscape Architect Shares Common Landscaping Mistakes

Your garden is your sanctuary and getting it to the level you need requires a lot of hard work and cooperation from an experienced Allendale NJ landscape architect. Landscaping involves a lot of design and implementation processes so you need to plan adequately and avoid mistakes that could compromise the end-result of your yard. While some yard owners opt to seek professional help, others choose to landscape on their own. If you choose to landscape your own yard, you need to be aware of the following mistakes and learn how to avoid them. 

Ignoring Color Schemes

There is nothing wrong about having a single color scheme dominating your yard but any landscape architect in Allendale NJ would advise using a creative mix of colors to realize the desired effect. Color is a key aspect of landscaping and should be factored in early in the project. Poor choice of colors and patterns can negatively affect your yard’s appearance. Some people think having many colors in a yard isn’t good but this is not the case so long as color matching is done properly. Colors are known to add life to space and incorporating them into your yard will definitely yield good results. Color is reflected in the type of plants and flowers you select for your garden so it’s good to have an idea about choosing plants with vibrant colors. Yards with mismatching colors can look plain and ugly but you can avoid this by ensuring color schemes are well suited. 

Failure to Consider Existing Elements

Unless you’re landscaping on a bare yard, do not forget to consider existing features and find a way of creatively incorporating them into the design. Your space could be having gems that shouldn’t be removed but instead kept along with the new features. For instance, a landscape architect Allendale NJ expert may advise you to retain your existing plants if they can be worked into the design. Property owners make the mistake of trying to alter the existing conditions which can be detrimental for the entire project. If your yard is on a slope, do not use landscaping principles of a flat surface, always work with your natural terrain for the best results. 

It’s also common for garden owners to continually fight the existing conditions or characteristics of the site. For example, If your site is naturally slopped, perhaps instead of battling to create a completely flat surface,  you should work with the natural terrain.

Buying Big Plants

We are all attracted to the beauty associated with large plants in our yards. When landscaping, it’s always better to avoid buying only big plants especially if you aren’t sure how well they’ll adapt in their new environment. In most cases, when an Allendale NJ landscape architect prepares their design, they will recommend purchasing smaller plants which are easier to manage considering they can easily fit into the new environment. In addition, there is nothing as exciting as watching your plants grow and flourish into large beautiful plants. 

Pairing Incompatible Plants

Beautifully designed gardens consist of a wide variety of plant combinations. When different kinds of plants are arranged together, they can elevate the status of a flower bed and create an attractive pattern consisting of varied colors and textures. However, if you’re not using the services of a landscape architect Allendale NJ, you need to be familiar with how plants are grouped together. Remember plants have varying requirements such as sunlight and shade so you should pair plants that like the same type of environment. For instance, plants which require sufficient sunlight to thrive shouldn’t be mixed with those that prefer an area with shade. Also, do not put plants that rely on a lot of water to grow together with those that need little water. 

Disregarding Interior Views

When designing landscapes, Allendale NJ landscape architect experts focus on creating a perfect fusion between the interior and exterior spaces. Many property owners however forget that how the exterior yard looks are largely influenced by how it connects to the interior of a house. Before designing a garden, be sure to check how it will be viewed from inside your house. A well planned landscaping design should provide an exciting view from all interior viewing positions. Do not build or erect any barriers that will block your beautiful garden views. Before building any structural elements or plant anything on your yard, go inside and look at your outdoor garden to get an idea of where each landscaping element should be placed. 

Avoiding Installing Key Infrastructure Elements

Every landscape architect in Allendale NJ emphasizes on the need to create the right infrastructure to support your landscape. Unfortunately, some yard owners tend to ignore putting in place the right systems to ensure every item in the yard is adequately catered for. For example, while including an irrigation system may not have a direct impact on boosting the appearance of your garden, it comes in handy by simplifying how you water your plants. Additionally, you can easily set your system to water your plants while you are away on vacation. Lighting is also key considering it helps to showcase various areas of your landscape as well as play a key role in supporting plant growth especially for plants that may require artificial lighting to blossom. 

With the above tips on common mistakes made during landscaping, you’re now ready to engage your Allendale NJ landscape architect to make your dream come true.

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