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Large Garden


Proudly Serving Northern New Jersey
Ponds, Waterfalls & Water Features

Koi Pond or fish ponds have become one of

the fastest growing garden features. With the introduction of skimmers and bio filters they are easy to maintain. The power of water is something…

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens range from simple stone or masonry surrounding a BBQ and a refrigerator, too much more elaborate areas with built in bars, multiple components like ice maker, outdoor…

Outdoor Rooms

Having an outdoor room is just that, a room with little or no walls. We usually support some type of roof structure with stone piers and columns or a wall with an outdoor flat screen…

Drainage Work

Drainage work for the most part is done when we do site work, at this point we will install seepage pits, and sub surface drain pipes

catch basins, area drains. However after the hardscaping…

Pool Design & Construction

At Arapahoe we design and build some of the most interesting custom pools in the
business, from elaborate multi tier waterfall designs with swim in grottos, boulder out cropping and…


One thing we like to do at Arapahoe Landscape is keep your spa separate from your pool for the simple reason a spa should be warm and pool cool and once you connect a spa to a…


Our masons can take hammer and chisel to any stone and bring it to life. We work with all types of mediums including but not limited to River Round walls, thin and thick…

Seasonal Planning

A great way to get great color in your gardens is the use of seasonal annuals. Each season Spring, Summer, Fall and winter our garden enhancement crew will come in and create beautiful…

Landscape Design & Architecture

After we sit down and meet with you to discuss the overall scope of work you would like performed, we will draft and design your new landscape and create a full concept plan and overview…

Outdoor Fireplaces/Fire Pits

One of the most popular features recently is Outdoor Fireplaces. They allow people to enjoy there outdoors all year round. From simple traditional fireplace mantles and chimneys to…

Ground Maintenance

Weekly we will come in and cut your lawn,

edge beds and blow of all your hardscaping, our space for this service is limited because

we do not want to be a cut and run company, we are…

Site Analysis

This process is when we come out to your property and take all field and elevation measurements, we will also create and inventory list of all materials that can be transplanted or…

Tiering/Sloping Property

The most common way of dealing with sloping property (whether the slope is towards the residence or away) is breaking up the slope with walls and steps, usually in smaller height as…

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