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Landscape Design & Construction Process 

Step 1: Property Consultation + Intro Meeting

Schedule a free consultation where we will give you a property evaluation. This is our intro meeting. Book yours, anytime HERE.

We will discuss ideas and review work from our portfolio. Our expert designer with 25 years of experience, John, will evaluate your property to set project expectations. We take you from concept to completion in a straight forward and refined process that is tailored to each unique project.

Step 2: Landscape Design & Architecture Plans- Project proposal, digital mock ups, and estimated timelines.

Forget traditional blueprints, we use an innovative landscape architecture technique of 3D digital project renders to provide a scale vision of your completed project. This step includes, scale drawings/renders, plant lists, construction notes, and pricing. We go through a few rounds of revisions to ensure perfection.

Step 3: Break Ground

Here we prep your property through excavating, drainage, piping seepage pits, etc. This step is crucial to make sure the finished project functions flawlessly.  This is done using our “Big Toys” (Track-hoe excavator, Bobcats, loaders, dump trucks, etc.) 

Services in this step range from sprinkler lines, to pool piping and electric. We offload any extra dirt from pool installations, level the ground for patios, and begin contouring your property's shape. 


Step 4: Install Hardscape

At this point things get really interesting as our skilled stone masons chisel, shape and hammer your choice of materials into beautiful works of art. Your property really starts to take shape as each stone, brick or paver gets set in place. Social areas are brought to life, transitional area are defined, fireplaces are raised, and waterfalls are sculpted.

Step 5: Landscaping- Install plant material, lawn areas, and ground covers

This is the final step before you get to fully enjoy your new oasis. We install the landscaping including privacy plantings, annuals, perennials, lawn, and seasonal tropics in planters around your patio or pool area. 

IMG_8138 (1)_edited.jpg

Step 6: Seasonal Maintenance, Pool Services + More

We build beautiful back yards and life long relationships with our clients. 

This is where our skilled maintenance division will continue to plant annuals, perennials, mulching, grounds maintenance, pruning and trimming of plant material. If your project had a pool we also provide assistance with pool maintenance, seasonal opening and closings and more.  Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy

your property year round. Call us at 201-651-9106 today.

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