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Questions to Ask a Franklin Lakes, NJ
Pool Builder

We all would like to have a pool on our property, but the greatest fear and challenge for anyone considering a pool installation is how to ensure a successful project. With the high number of Franklin Lakes, NJ pool builder professionals, you have no reason to worry. Your project will be taken care of by experts.

With tools such as the internet, searching for a pool builder in Franklin Lakes, NJ has become much simpler and less stressful. For many of us, pool construction is associated with a lot of jargon that we might not be able to understand. However, an expert pool builder in Franklin Lakes, NJ  can answer all of your questions about pool construction. Below are common but important questions you should ask your Franklin Lakes, NJ pool builder.

Are you licensed?

The pool industry is highly regulated, so you need to ensure your pool builder in Franklin Lakes, NJ possesses all of the required documentation to legally carry out their activities. Unfortunately, if you select a service provider who doesn’t meet the legal requirements, you risk getting into trouble with the law. The best thing is for you to independently verify their licensing details from the regulatory body or local council.

What is your pricing structure?

You need to be adequately prepared when it comes to budgeting for a pool. There are different types of swimming pools that come with varying price tags. Even though pool building fees are within a specified bracket, you need to verify with your pool builder how much they intend to charge you for their services. This way, you can choose a pool that you can afford and adequately prepare yourself for the financial obligations of the project.

How long will the project take?

We all want to quickly dive into our new swimming pools as soon as we get the project started. But to avoid anxiety and disappointment, always confirm with your pool builder in Franklin Lakes, NJ  about how long it will take to install your pool.


Different timelines exist for various kinds of pools so be sure to ask your pool builder to share with you information about the timeline. This can also help you to know whether they’re on track or not with your project.

Do you have any safety considerations?

Nobody wants to swim in a pool that will endanger their lives as well as those of their loved ones. Safety is one of the fundamental issues that every Franklin Lakes, NJ pool builder has to address even before the project begins. A good pool builder should be able to share with you and highlight safety features or considerations they plan to include in the pool design.

Not implementing safety measures can greatly endanger the lives of users. In some cases, a pool provider can give a detailed safety plan to outline steps they intend to take to make your pool safe to use. 

How many workers do you have and what kind of equipment do you plan to use?

In every pool building project, a service provider always plans to deploy a certain number of workers and use specific equipment. When you select a reputable Franklin Lakes, NJ pool builder, you can be assured they will

have the right number of staff and the correct equipment to effectively take care of any project.

Based on the response to this question, you can make plans and preparations for your project. Reputable companies invest heavily in sophisticated, modern equipment to guarantee quality workmanship.

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