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It’s important to many homeowners to create a statement with curb appeal. If you’ve recently bought a new home or are looking to give your home a facelift, this is a great place to start. Driving through Bergen county, there are certain homes that stand out as compared to others, this is from their impactful curb appeal. Seeing a beautiful walkway, bright colors in garden beds, and structured landscaping really makes you take a second look. If you want your house to capture the eye from the road, you can make it happen with these tips from the experts at Arapahoe Landscape Contractors.

  1. A long flowing walkway that greets your guests is perfect for catching the eye. It is also nice for your guests to be lead to the entrance on a comfortable walkway with a wide opening halfway down the driveway or even at the street.

  2. Using structured foundation plantings with perennial color layers in the front, and adding larger vertical elements on the corners of the home can help to better anchor your home and reduce that monolithic feeling

  3. Highlight your main entrance with proper lighting and manicured plants/shrubs. Many homes have multiple entrances, it is important for guests, deliveries, and family to know which one you want them to enter through. Using a walkway will show your guests which entrance you prefer.

Using these tips, you should be able to start reimagining what you want your home to look like from the curb. Consider revamping your walkways, garden beds, color schemes and lighting in order to make people take a second look at your beautiful home! As always, we are here to help you if you want that professional edge from Arapahoe Landscape Contractors.

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