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Put simply, backyard landscaping, whether in New Jersey or any other place, is an art. Arapahoe Landscape Contractors work hard to sculpt your New Jersey backyard landscape design to the exact specifications you want, your budget allows….and what is possible given our state’s specific climate, flora and topography.


Surely you’ll be enjoying your backyard in the summer and spring, but come the fall, with leaves falling and during the winter…with snow dumping! you’ll be happy having plants, patios and backyard surfaces that survive the colder months. There are a host of plants, flowers and trees indigenous to our state that will serve you best with some regular landscaping maintenance. Add in a little indiscriminate deer munching (and you know we see many deer in northern N.J. these days) and the afore mentioned weather you would be best served with a well ‘seasoned’ N.J.-based landscaper like Arapahoe.


There are a great many different kinds of backyards from Paramus to Westwood as there are specific characteristics to N.J. topography. Acres of grass, tight tree-covered lots, even cut-back suburban swamps and brambles all present their unique challenges. Arapahoe has dealt with all kinds of backyard landscapes in northern New Jersey creating many a paradise from woodlands, plenty of backyard oasis from hilly lawns.


Technology has made great advancements in deck and patio surfaces. But not every surface you’ll research or even walk over at a backyard store might work within the confines of your specific backyard or are even practical with our seasons. Arapahoe presents you with a wide choice of surface materials to choose from and can present plenty of options.

From planting and maintaining trees, bushes and flowers; planning for and building Koi ponds to fountains, walkways and even gardens; working round your planned for inground pool, there are a bunch of contingencies to your backyard landscaping design. Avail yourself of a professional, Arapahoe Landscape Contractors, to strategize with to make sure you get exactly what you want, precisely what is possible and what will make your little hamlet in northern New Jersey perfect.

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