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Outdoor Sound By Arapahoe Landscape Contractors

Remember the days when you would head into the backyard with your boom box and hope that the battery lasted long enough to hear a few of your favorite songs? Those days are OVER! Say goodbye to that boom box, batteries, and charging cables and step into the new technology in outdoor sound. The sound of your favorite song is now obtainable wirelessly through Bluetooth and its making things a lot easier.


Planning for outdoor sound can help to complete the mood in your backyard or patio. The number of options available to provide music outdoors is growing as speakers that look like rocks or boulders are taking over the outdoor sound industry. Some of the new wireless and Bluetooth speakers on the market now from companies like Sonos Systems can be used outdoors to liven up your outdoor space and are portable for easy movement.


As music and ambiance are a big part of entertaining, when planning for your outdoor space, time should be taken to carefully plan where your sound will be coming from as well. Strategically placing installed speakers around your outdoor area can create a surround sound experience when entertaining, having a fun day at your pool, or even when just relaxing in the backyard.

When planning for the install of your new outdoor kitchen, patio, deck or pool, don’t forget to talk to your contractor about sound. Planning details like sound are important to incorporate into your plan from the get go so that the design and layout all work seamlessly. Unsure of what you want or where? Don’t worry, Arapahoe Landscaping Contractors will have you covered and can make recommendations for you.

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