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Questions to Ask Your Mahwah NJ Swimming Pool Contractors

Asking questions is an important part of learning and understanding. It is also an essential part of decision-making. The same is true when looking for the best Mahwah NJ Swimming pool contractor. Sometimes, asking questions will make the difference between the right contractor and the wrong one for you. Since pool installation is expensive and a long-term home upgrade, you would need to fully trust the contractors that will install it for you. Otherwise, it might turn out to be a disaster.

But simply asking questions is not enough. Asking the right ones is essential, especially when making a tough decision, such as choosing between contractors for your pool installation. It may be overwhelming to sort through hundreds of questions you think will help you decide. Besides, not all contractors have the time to answer everything you are curious about. You have to be able to sort out through the ones that will help you. So, to make your life a wee bit easier, we’ve listed down the most important questions you could start with.

How Long Have You Been in this Business?

We do not want to rule out all newly-started businesses, but it is a well-accepted fact that a good way to establish credibility is to know how many years these businesses have in their portfolio. Experience is a key player in services such as pool installations. A service business that has been in the industry longer would most likely equate to more pool installation experiences, which you can rely on when unexpected setbacks happen. It also means they have a lot of expertise in installing varied and specific requests, which you may incidentally have.

However, if you found some Mahwah NJ swimming pool contractors that are relatively new, but you do not want to rule them out since they seem promising, you could follow up this question with what experiences they have before the start of the business. It is a possibility that they have previously worked for another similar business before. Or, they may have ample education and training that could back them up. From then, weigh if this would be enough to equate to businesses with more tenure or whether this is enough for you.

You could also ask during this time for any photo samples of previous clients. In this way, you will see if their design and construction style suits your taste. If they permit you to interact with previous clients, it would also be great if you could reach out to them. It would give you a feel of what the experience will look like if you work with them. Feedback is a reliable and great source when evaluating a business.

What will be included in the Contract?

You might be surprised at how many misunderstandings have stemmed from assumptions in services like pool installations. It is equally the responsibility of the Mahwah NJ swimming pools contractors and the client to understand the scope of the contract to avoid any conflicts in the future. In order to reach this, you would need to understand what is in the contract and negotiate if there are any parts you do not see fit to your liking. It will also help your contractor know what they need to focus on or what is important to you if you choose them to be your partners. It will help if you can explicitly ask important follow-up questions as well, such as:

Does the contract cover everything in the pool installation?
Does the contract include aftercare and maintenance? If yes, for how long?
Does the contract reflect the start and end timing of the project?

These three follow up questions will cover all that you would need to know to protect yourself from unnecessary legal headaches later on. It will also give you clarity and manage your expectations right from the start.

Also, remember to check the same clauses in the contract after you have made the decision on which pool contractor you would go for. Make sure that the contract reflects the things verbally agreed upon. It would help if you made yourself a list and thoroughly read the contract, and crosscheck once it is given to you.

Who will be Overseeing this Project?


Bigger Mahwah NJ swimming pool contractors will probably have multiple projects together with yours. Even small businesses can possibly have more than one project when you plan to have your pool installed. This makes it even more critical for you to know who the key contact should be. Besides the fact that it is reassuring to know that there is someone who will oversee your pool project, it is also important that you are able to trust this person. Asking for more information on the credibility of the project owner will also be a good follow-up for this. Just remember to ask as respectfully as you can since this may seem like a touchy subject for some.

A good business does not mean that all the employees are good. Although there is a higher chance that it does, you cannot totally eliminate the possibility that you might fall into incapable hands. Similarly, a business with a bad reputation may be salvaged by an employee with a really good one. Your contact person may even be the deciding factor that will make your decision for you.

More questions probably come to mind when you think about choosing the Mahwah NJ swimming pool contractors that are best for you. But it is important that you get these three covered first before jumping on the other questions. These 3 questions will not only be helpful in your decision making but will also ensure the quality and safety of the whole process.

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