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Building, maintaining or even adding to your pool deck and pavers should be something you consider well. Whether you live in Paramus or Mahwah, enjoy a long leafy expanse in Upper Saddle River or a quite yet smaller acreage in Allendale, there are three primary factors when considering what pool hardscapes you should buy.


Your pool deck will see a lot of use and also suffer the ravages of the seasons in N.J. Make sure you figure in tough yet aesthetically pleasing materials that will see good long term use. Yes, overtime repair and replacement might also become unavoidable, but you can still err on the side of beautiful as well as durable hardscapes.


Unfortunately your pool deck is the perfect surface for slips and falls. And depending on the type of paver you do decide on, it can also be a mighty hot sizzling bunch of stones in the dead of summer. There’s lot to consider when it comes to the safety of family to friends who might enjoy your pool. You need to provide a safe, easily traveled pool deck area; pick pavers that are porous, so as to avoid the pooling of water (which leads to slips) and also those lighter in color to keep heat off the surface.


Next to installing a backyard kitchen or maintaining landscaping, a pool is a very big expense. Certainly you should not skimp on the safety and durability of the pavers you have installed, but you can still shop for the best price of the stones and deck you want. Your pool contractor will help you of course, but just know that these days, with the advent of new materials and a competitive market place you do not have to bust your budget looking for hardscapes that will deliver the good look as well as safety and durability that you desire.

Luckily these days there are lots of options for pool pavers. A good Bergen County pool contractor can present you with a wide section pool hardscapes that will reflect your concern for safety, the good common sense of durability and those that make good dollar and cents sense for your budget.

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