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Yes, our winters can dump lots of snow, bring some brutally cold months but come the summer in northern New Jersey many of us are looking to ‘beat the heat’ anyway we can. One of the best ways to keep cool, enjoy long afternoons of family fun and stay put in our spacious backyards is to have a swimming pool installed. As with every other house improvement though, one needs consider many factors when building an inground pool in northern New Jersey. Arapahoe Landscape Contractors partners with you on these considerations plan, create and build the best inground pool environ for your northern New Jersey property.

The shape of your intended pool and your budget are all mitigating factors but there are plenty of other considerations…many you might be planning to tackle after you pick your pool’s shape, or just factors you might not be aware of. There are concerns that soon-to-be pool owners must take into account.

Have you considered…

…what you want your pool to look like during the day, as well as at night? Outdoor lighting placement, specific surface installations and overall landscaping will affect the aesthetics of your in-ground pool and its surroundings in daylight as well as during our languid New Jersey summer evenings.

…you’ll need a professional landscaper/contractor to work hand-in-hand with your pool installation team? Yes there are plenty of landscapers/contractors as well as reputable pool installers in the northern N.J. area, but you need hire the very best for such a large investment. Arapahoe Landscape Contractors are seasoned professionals.

….the pros and cons of certain surfaces? There are a plethora of pool deck/patio materials to choose from, but some are simply not practical given our New Jersey four season weather changes. And some stones/tile/turf/grass might not deliver exactly the qualities you wish for once you see them in the actual environment you are using them in.

…the overall affect you are looking for when marrying your backyard landscaping with you new pool? Are you envisioning an overgrown jungle oasis in your Allendale backyard or an austere multi-leveled patio in Paramus with your in-ground pool the visual center of the yard? Even if you want something new and unusual to surround your pool specific vegetation and planting thrives in northern New Jersey, others simply do not. In some cases your current landscaping might even need a new design to bring about the effect you are after or at the very least more diligent maintenance scheduling.

Arapahoe Landscape Contractors foresees all contingencies, will design and maintain your inground pool landscaping for maximum comfort and full family safety, will liaison with your pool installation company every step of the way and will make your in-ground New Jersey pool environment elegant as well as functional.


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