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Pool design is not one size fits all, from the shape to the finish there are ways to customize your pool to the max. Finding just the right design characteristics for your pool is easy, there are many resources online where you can view designs, finishes, liners, shapes and ideas. When it comes to finishes, choosing to get away from that chalky white plaster is one way to make your pool stand out. Two of our favorite products to work with are Wet Edge® and Pebble Tech® these two companies in our opinion will make your customized pool stand out among the rest.


Wet Edge®, is one of the top pool finish lines that we suggest when working with a client. Trusted nationwide for their many different color choices and product lines, we believe that Wed Edge® gets it right when talking pool finish. Just browse their gallery and you will see the beautiful textures, colors, and designs that they offer.


Pebble Tech® is another great company which offers some wonderful textures and colors. From their Original texture to their Elegant Infused Finish, there is a finish for all budgets and styles. Their gallery will walk you through their collection of pool finishes which come in 5 different textures and a wide variety of colors.


We are confident that between the two, you will gain an inspiration for what works with your style and budget. Now, it’s time to make your dream pool your reality. We at Arapahoe Landscaping have been known to build

some of the most interesting and beautiful custom pools in the business. Incorporating swim in grottos, boulder outcropping and vanishing edges, we go above and beyond to make your pool the best on the block. Check out some of our pool blogs for more information and ideas! We’re here when you are ready to get started.

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