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When planning out your landscaping design, it is important that you think about what you will need as the seasons change. When we at Arapahoe Landscaping work with our clients designing and planning a new patio or landscaping design this is one of the first things we take into account. It is important that we understand what each client needs out of their space throughout the year so that we can make their space truly useful year round.

Fire Pit- One of our favorite things to add to a design is a fire pit or fireplace. These are wonderful features that can be used on cold evenings throughout spring, summer fall and Winter! The warm flame will keep you cozy while you sip hot chocolate and catch up with friends.

Outdoor Kitchen – If you like to cook outdoors or entertain in the warmer months, then an outdoor kitchen is for you. They are a great way to keep the house from heating up when using the oven, and a way for you to truly enjoy the company of your guests since you will be outside with them instead of inside cooking.

Sitting Area – Sitting areas are wonderful for the spring, summer and fall. Planning a secluded area for meditation or reading is a popular option. Others choose to have a large sitting area to accommodate friends and family that you enjoy spending time with.

Pool – Obviously great additions, pools are essential for those with children who are always “bored” during the summer. Having a pool in the backyard gives them endless hours of fun, and parents can enjoy this option too! We take care to consider proper placement of the pool in order for it not to take up the whole back yard, but instead be just another component of it.

We hope we’ve sparked your imagination with just a few of our ideas for enjoying your patio and yard year round. If you are planning on installing a new patio or changing your landscaping, call the experts here at Arapahoe Landscaping today and let one of our knowledgeable team members talk with you about enjoying your outdoor space year round. 

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