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Swimming pool covers are very important for making sure that your pool stays healthy and safe at all conditions. River Edge NJ pool installation companies offer exceptional pool care and maintenance services, but in order to cut down costs and ensure longevity, pool covers are the most essential and cost effective solution available.

Pool covers deliver a wide range of benefits such as safety, temperature maintenance, weather protection, weatherproofing, heating, etc. By installing covers, pool owners will be able to cut down maintenance costs drastically. Pool covers also come with multiple accessories such as heaters, reels, safety accessories and many more, making your pool unique and functional. The benefits may sound meagre but when you consider long term care and maintenance, you’d be able to cut down several thousands of dollars.

Pool covers
Just like installing a swimming pool at your property, pool covers should also be installed only by an expert pool installer in River Edge NJ. One of the major benefits offered by pool covers is water conservation and those of you living in a tropical climatic region will know how important this is.

Research conducted on pool covers installed in residential pools have shown that water conservation is increased by more than 40%, chemical use is reduced by more than 50% and heating costs are reduced by almost 75%. There are many types of pool cover options which vary in benefits, disadvantages, cost and obviously overall aesthetics so make sure to understand all these aspects before making a decision.

Winter covers
Residential swimming pools installed on properties based in colder regions of the world should install a winter pool cover without fail. Pool protection against storm, snow and cold conditions is essential. Woven high strength winter pool covers are cost effective and priced at just around $30 or $80. If you are planning on installing heated pools then go for a high end heavily insulated winter cover which costs a couple hundreds or more.

Winter covers offer two way protection to your pool by protecting it against snow and also eliminating the growth of bacteria and algae by blocking light. Winter pool covers are made using lightweight materials and so it is very easy to remove and store them away during other seasons of the year.

Proper care should be taken while storing these covers because if they are exposed to sunlight they tend to crack. This lightweight design construction does not provide safety and security to your kids and pets, which is the only major drawback of these covers.

Solar covers
Solar pool covers provide one of the coolest benefits of all by making your pool work handy even without a proper heating system. Solar pools ensure that the pool is kept functional for a longer period of time even in just single season. The price of these solar covers lies between the range of $30 and $150 and the cost will vary based on the thickness, material quality and so on.

River Edge NJ pool installation companies will install the best solar covers which are capable of increasing the temperature of the pool by almost 10˙ on a sunny day. The greenhouse effect is created by these pool covers which ensure this steady raise, keeping the pool functional for longer periods of time.

Water evaporation is prevented and likewise it also prevents debris and dust from entering the pool to a great extent. This is where the benefits end because it does not deliver enough security. Try to avoid low cost solar residential pool covers because it is pointless.

Security pool covers
Certain pool covers offer phenomenal safety and security, which is exactly what most pool owners need for their home. Safety and security pool covers offer much needed protection for the pool, kids, pets and other family members. Security pool covers are very costly when compared to other types of pool covers, which is the only major drawback of these pool covers.

The lowest costing safety pool cover will cost you about half a grand. High end safety covers may even cost a couple thousand dollars if not more, which does have a bearing on those who are budget constrained. Spring loaded strapping mechanism incorporated in these covers add to the costs but the benefits are well worth it.

All the advantages offered by winter and solar pool covers are also provided by these costly covers. Ultimate security and safety for the pool and all the members of your family and guests can be achieved using these high security covers which literally lock down the pool. Security covers are highly durable extending over a lifespan of over 10 years. Considering all these factors, security pool covers provide all the benefits that you get from the above mentioned covers which is quite phenomenal.

Automatic covers
If budget is not your concern at all, then your pool cover option will be automatic, without a doubt. These covers are there for a reason which is ultimate luxury and with a price tag of almost 10 grand, you will have the best pool cover for your ultra luxurious swimming pool. Automatic pool covers are the best and expensive but they are also expensive to care for and maintain.

Since it consists of many moving parts such as motor, reel, cover etc. the maintenance costs can skyrocket. With the presence of multiple moving parts, things are bound to break so get ready to spend money even after installing it. Automatic pool covers offer complete protection of not only the pool but also the surrounding features. With just a flip of a switch, pool owners can open or close their pools whenever they want which makes it even more convenient.

Pool cover reels
Swimming pool covers are a very important part of the entire pool installation procedure which will be handled by an expert company in River Edge NJ. Likewise, pool cover reels are also important for storing some of these covers safely during certain seasons in which they won’t be needed.

Storing and reinstalling pool covers is made easy by these reels and they also ensure the longevity of the covers. Simple PVC pipe based reels start from around $300 and the more expensive automatic reels costing $1000 can also be used.


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