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As far as customization is concerned the sky’s the limit, and we mean it. Using the services of the best pool installation company in Englewood Cliffs NJ county will make you stress free. With the help of these expert technicians, homeowners can get their pools designed and installed the way they want it.

Experienced installers will survey your property and give you an outline on the shape, design, layout and other aesthetically appealing features you can install on your property. Another benefit of installing the pool using

these experts is that they’ll offer excellent service and maintenance packages to all of their customers. Customized Englewood cliffs NJ pool installation has become a trend in recent times and let’s discuss more about that.

Customized pools
Swimming pool customization can be implemented across all the different types of pool concepts and is not restricted to only the luxury ones. Budget swimming pools with attractive add-ons and exclusive features can look more modern and luxurious. Residential pools are constituted of several different factors and this gives us the option of customizing them at different levels.

Shape and size
The dimensions of your swimming pool will be based on your backyard but there is wiggle room so don’t worry, you’ll be able to make slight changes to suit your preferences without changing its beauty. Rectangular swimming pools are the most common ones apart from the famous kidney beans style design.

The cost of any basic swimming pool will be around $50 per square foot. If you are planning on a large pool with multiple add-ons then make sure that you have your finances straight to handle the costs.

Pool lighting is one of those pool features that comes with wide range of customization options. If you use pools at night quite often then a proper lighting will ensure safety. Your night parties, outdoor barbeque events and celebrations will be memorable and outstanding with mood lighting.

Incandescent lights are traditional which will suit certain types of pools, but if you are planning on a more modern pool then using LED lights of varying colors, outputs, positions and features can be chosen. Lighting costs will vary depending on the features that the lights you choose deliver.

A 50 watt light would cost around $100 and there are higher wattage lights too. Floating lights are also an exciting option which will make your pool look more fun.

A spa or hot tub is also an exclusive update you can add on to your pool. You can install a basic hot tub at a cost of around $7000, but if you have the budget then go for a more luxurious spa which will transform your pool completely. This is one of the most popular features used in residential pools recently.

If you have kids, and even teens, in your family then installing waterslides would be a wonderful customization option available for you. Families that have many kids parties can install slides to make the pool more enjoyable and entertaining for kids. Slides are not considerably cheaper than most of the customizable options available.

It will cost you a couple hundred to a thousand dollars but you can even add other slide add-ons such as water jets to make it more fun. Pricing of water slides will vary depending on the design you choose and also the manufacturer.

Waterfalls are an excellent customizable choice if you have a large swimming pool because installing waterfalls in bigger sized pools will make the pool look stunning overall. It is not possible to determine the exact costs of the waterfalls because it will vary drastically based on the manufacturing material, size, design, etc.

Englewood cliffs NJ pool installation companies have experienced agents who will help you determine the most suitable waterfalls for your pool. Simple waterfall may only cost you about a thousand dollars, so install it if your kid loves it badly.

Diving boards
If you have a budding young diver in your family or if you are a diver yourself, then you’ll be focused on getting the best diving board for your pool. Deep and huge swimming pools fitted with the appropriate diving boards will look great. Fiberglass diving boards are cheaper than the expensive aluminum boards. Installation costs of diving boards will differ from one county to another so contact your Englewood cliffs NJ pool installation company to know the exact cost. Never try to buy a diving board all by yourself because finding a suitable one for your pool is very important. Most of the top pool installation companies have a catalogue on the different types of boards you can install for your pool.

Rocks are more of a cosmetic add-on customization feature than the other features discussed so far. Using completely natural rocks will make sure that the pool looks natural and more relaxing for your body and mind. Artificial stones may not give you the same level of appeal like natural ones but they are cheaper than natural stones. The mood of your pool can vary based on the rock formation you implement.

Placing rocks and plants in and around your pool, waterfall and other features will make your pool, a natural outdoor adventure spot. Never choose plants that tend to shed leaves often because this will lead to an accumulation of debris which will require regular maintenance. Homeowners who are thinking of changing the overall landscape of your backyard just remember, your costs will increase rapidly with every single additional feature you install.

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