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Long gone are the years when above ground pools were the most popular choice among homeowners. Those were the days when inground pools were quite rare. Fast forward to today and there are around five million inground pools present in the United States alone, and hundreds of thousands of new inground pools are built each year.

If you are new to Ridgewood NJ pool installation and just starting to explore your options, you need to know that planning for your dream pool can be harder than you anticipated. To make sure that your Ridgewood NJ pool installation process takes place swimmingly, keep in mind these following steps before breaking ground:

Choose a Pool
When it comes to inground pools, there are three main categories you can choose from. These include: concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl-lined pools.

Of the three, concrete pools are the most popular choice, and can be designed to form any shape or size of your choice. After its curing period, concrete can be painted, plastered smooth, tiled, or given a textured finish to match the architectural style of your home. Though concrete pool installation in Ridgewood NJ takes longer than any other type, typically from three to twelve weeks, concrete pools are still popular because of their strength and durability.

Fiberglass pools are usually available as one giant piece of a bowl, factory-molded, placed directly into the excavated hole in your backyard using a crane. Hence, Ridgewood NJ fiberglass pool installation can be completed much faster, and takes a maximum of only three days. These pools are stain resistant and extremely durable as well.

Vinyl pools, in most cases, are rectangular in shape; however, you can also have them as freeform or L-shaped. Made from flexible liner, these pools can be easily fit into the hole and attached to an aluminum or steel reinforced wall frame. As vinyl pool liners are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, finding one that matches your preference will be easy.

Check the Regulations
Ridgewood NJ inground pool installation, similar to pool installation in any other location, is subject to zoning and building regulations. Therefore, before any of the pool installation work begins, you need to get a building permit and get approval from relevant local bodies.

Though these regulations generally differ from one city or town to another, some of the basic requirements that your project must meet include: distances from the pool to wells, septic tanks, property lines, sewer lines, etc.; at least 4 feet tall perimeter fence or wall with self-latching and self-closing gates; and a maximum of 4 inches space between fence boards. You can contact your local building department for more specific rules and regulations.

Compare Quotes
Knowing the exact amount you will have to pay for your Ridgewood NJ pool installation is difficult. Pricing varies depending on various factors like: your location, soil condition, type of pool you choose, shape and size of the pool, circulation system, and other accessories. In general, concrete pools happen to be the priciest, followed by vinyl-lined pools, and then fiberglass pools.

Choose the Right Location
Choosing the right location to setup your inground pool is equally important. Choose an experienced Ridgewood NJ pool installation contractor and they will be able to guide you with useful tips when it comes to choosing the right spot. The following are a few things you should remember:

- Make sure that the location you choose is open to the sun. This will let you make use of the natural solar energy to heat up water in your pool, thus reducing your energy bills. Also, make sure that there are not too many branches or trees hanging over the pool.

- Avoid choosing a spot in low areas as this could lead to various issues if you face heavy rains.

- It is also recommended not to choose a location where the breeze is heavy at all times. This is because the wind leads to heavy water evaporation, causing you to have to add pool water constantly to maintain the right water level in your pool.

One other important point to remember is to choose a location that can be easily viewed from within the house.

Don’t Forget About the Budget-Busters
The cost of an inground Ridgewood NJ pool installation doesn’t really end with the actual installation itself. You have a lot more work to do like purchasing accessories, improving the surrounding landscape, coming up with a maintenance schedule, etc. These additional aspects are often referred to as budget-busters, and some of the common budget-busters that are not always a part of the pool pricing are: patios, fencing, landscaping, outdoor lighting, spas, decks, pathways, outdoor furniture, outdoor sound system, pool toys, telephone line, and any other item you can remember. You may not necessarily need each one of these items; however, including the ones you need while framing your Ridgewood NJ pool installation budget will be helpful.


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