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Which one is the best choice for you? I could put up a strong argument for either in the New Jersey area. First,

let’s look at paver patios.

Probably the most common patio type in Bergen county are paver patios. This is simply because they are reasonably priced as well as quickly installed. When an NJ homeowner is looking to get multiple bids it is easy to shop, meaning, most landscape or mason contractors should be in the same price range and provide the same industry standard in installation. With paver manufacturers such as Cambridge, Techo-Bloc and UNILOCK (just to name a few) continually coming out with new ways to emulate nature, these products have come a long way since the standard brick or cobblestone look not to mention the color blends that add depth and character to any patio.


On the other hand, there is really nothing like a properly installed natural stone patio. Whether it’s something simple like a pattern bluestone patio with simple grays and blue tones. Or something more exotic like full-color Tennessee crab with its rust and Carmel colors melding together, there is really an amazing verity of natural stone to choose from. There are a few installation options including a dry laid installation (no concrete) or wet laid (concrete and mortar). Due to this large selection of natural stone as well as varying installation techniques there is a wide range in installation cost and it is best to speak with a professional designer first. This will help you to narrow down your likes and dislikes, you can also visit a supply yard with large displays such as BRAEN Supply in Haskell, NJ to get an in-person look at some samples.

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