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Let’s establish what these pools are first. Simply put, a Gunite pool is made of a concrete type material that is shot out of a pump truck onto a rebar (steel) skeleton usually 8- 12″ thick.  A vinyl liner pool is a factory made vinyl shape that is fitted over a thin sheet metal sidewall structure with vermiculite (loose type cement). When working with Gunite we virtually can do whatever we want in regards to shape, texture, colors or add-ons.


Shapes: grottos, infinity edge, beach entry

Texture: sun-shelf textured or smooth finish

Color: any color

Add On’s: we can create a large shelf inside the pool to build a waterfall on. This way the stone rises up out of the water giving a much more natural appearance rather than a waterfall built on the side of the pool spilling in.

I have only given a few of the more standard options above, really we are limited by nothing. Unfortunately, all this freedom does come with a cost. Take away all the bells and whistles and compare the same size Gunite pool vs. vinyl and Gunite will always be more expensive. However, not as much more expensive as you might think. This is why it’s important to talk to someone who does both types of pools such as the professionals here at Arapahoe landscape contractors.

Vinyl pools have come a long way in the past 10 years with lots of different shapes as well as different color liners to give water a variety of appearances such as the popular lagoon look. We are limited with options on vinyl with the two biggest options being waterfalls and spas. However, these waterfalls are placed on the side of the pool above the waterline. Budget is probably the main reason our clients choose vinyl liner pools. If you’re not looking for a lot of options and want a nice pool for your yard, then maybe liner is the way to go.

We know that consumers aren’t experts in different types of pools. That’s why we take the time to discuss all options available to our clients in order to provide them something that they are happy with aesthetically as well as budget wise. Visit our page on Pool Design & Construction for more information and to see some examples!


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