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Why do I need a Landscape Designer for a Pool?
Why do I need a designer.jpg

Hiring a landscape designer when first investigating a pool build project is imperative. A landscape designer is unbiased and will not try to sell you on a pool or on pool functionality that you aren’t looking for. It all starts with the design. This is the same concept for the benefits of hiring an architect when designing a new home. If you received drawings from a contractor, generally the use of materials and functionality will reflect what’s best for the contractor (ie, margins on materials, etc) and not what is necessarily best for you. If you are considering building a pool you should hire a landscape designer first.

We like to think that a new build of a pool is not just about the pool, but about the entire outdoor environment and how the pool can compliment your backyard space.

At Arapahoe Landscape Contractors, we contract with qualified landscape architects who have your vision in mind. We then use the best materials and building practices to create your perfect outdoor oasis!

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