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Veneer stone is a thin usually 2″ -4″ slice of any type of stone or brick. It is mainly applied to concrete block walls or ply wood exteriors or interiors of homes. Stone veneer is a great product as it gives us the ability to make any wall or step rise look like it was made with any type of stone. With all of the advancements in stone cutting techniques, cost has come down making this option affordable. The new and different types of stones available has increased tremendously as well. New options include but are not limited to:


Native fieldstone
PA thin stone
Tennessee crab
West Mountain
and many more!

There is also a large selection of faux stone often referred to as culture stone. Using these products can greatly reduce project cost and again with the latest technologies they look surprisingly real. We work with our clients to find the most cost effective material for their budget. We always go the extra mile to make sure that no matter what the cost, the complete project looks priceless! 

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