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December is right around the corner and this may be your last chance to make sure everything is ready for winter and winterize your home! Take our tips below and get to work, then you can sit back and relax and wait for winter to arrive.

- Securely cover or store outdoor furniture. Put your outdoor furniture in a shed, under a covered deck or cover with patio furniture covers. It is important to protect plastic which can get frigid and crack due to low temperatures and protect your glass topped tables from shattering under the weight of a heavy snow storm.


Clean your gutters. Melting snow needs a place to go and clogged gutters full of leaves will lead to ice dams and potentially leaking in your home.

- Make sure any area drains are clear by doing a check and unclogging anything that is stopped up.

- Clean and cover basement window wells. There are many products for doing this available at your local hardware store. Protect them from melting snow.

- Check to see if your sump pumps are functioning properly

- Get your sprinkler systems blown out. Freezing water can do damage to your sprinkler systems if not properly cared for before winter. Call the installer and ask them what maintenance is required for your specific system.

- Stock up on ice melt and snow shovels. It is important to do this ahead of time. You don’t want to be stranded inside wishing you had purchased these items earlier.

Oh yea, don’t forget to dig out your vehicle ice scraper and snow brush if it still survived from last year. Its never a bad idea to have an extra on hand or to replace an old one completely. You will definitely need it!

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