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Making a Franklin Lakes NJ Pool Installation Affordable

Having a pool installed is easily one of most of the majority of homeowners anywhere in the world, which is also true in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Pools are not only the perfect way to relax for you and your family, but it is also a no-brainer recreational activity that your guests of varying ages can enjoy. However, pool installation has the reputation of being expensive, and rightfully so. It involves many costly materials and processes, which is why it has remained a dream for the majority of the population.

But just because it costs a lot does not mean that there are no available ways to make Franklin Lakes NJ Pool Installation affordable for you. There are ways to reduce your pool installation costs. Here are some of the tips you should consider when you have a tight budget but badly want that pool in your backyard.

Big is Not Your Only Option


A big pool does seem flashy and screams luxurious in every sense of the word, but it does not mean that it is the only type of pool. It might not even be the pool that is right for you. Pool size plays a big factor in cost; the bigger the pool you dream of, the more expensive it will be. From the landscaping and installation to the maintenance, a bigger pool will always be more expensive in all aspects. If you are open to reducing the size of your dream pool, or even just reevaluating if that size is the right one for you, it will make the Franklin Lakes NJ Pool Installation much cheaper.

To help find the right pool size for you, always think of the pool’s intended purpose. For instance, if it is for only you, your family, and your occasional guests, then you could let go of an Olympic-sized pool. There is always a reasonable size for each type of pool usage; you just have to be flexible to changes and adjustments that will fit your budget. Otherwise, if you become timid and fixated on what you are envisioning it to be, you might end up not getting any kind of pool at all.

Tie It Up with Your Other Home Plans

Long-term budgeting will play a big part in making that Franklin Lakes NJ Pool installation affordable. By long-term, we mean how you see your home in 20 years and what you are doing to get there. All the renovations, including pool installation, should tie up to that one vision you have for your home.

Most people are easily swayed to make temporary landscape changes while still unable to afford to have a pool installed in their backyard. They may opt for cheaper landscape design alternatives without even considering if it fits their long term end goal. It may be tempting to have that patio or that tree added to your backyard, but if you are ultimately aiming for a pool, where do these additions fit in the picture? The more unnecessary changes you add, the more unnecessary costs you incur, costs that could have been allotted into your pool installation budget. Moreover, it will also mean more money spent during the pool installation because if these additions take up space for your pool design, you would need to have these additions removed.

So think twice, thrice even, when considering that backyard upgrade. Ask yourself if this ties in well with your long-term plan. Or if it is just one of the temporary things that strays away from your goal and will cost you money to remove later on.

Beauty and Additions Can Wait

In the same concept of not installing anything that you would later not need, you should also keep in mind that beautifying your pool can be put on hold. It is not a necessary expense if you cannot afford it. The most important thing about pool installation is the actual installation of the pool. If you have limited money or only enough money for pool installation and nothing else, that should be okay for now. We know that it means your pool might not look exactly as how you have envisioned it to be, but on the brighter side, once the pool is there, you have already finished 80% of the work. Temporarily removing the beautifications on your list will make your Franklin Lakes NJ Pool installation cost much lower than the initial price.

It will also greatly help you reduce your pool budget if you take off unnecessary additions for now. Additions to pools would include pool heaters, pool covers, slides, and other water features. Franklin Lakes is relatively humid compared to the rest of New Jersey, so most of these add-ons can wait until the necessary season. And if you still do not have enough by then, there are cheap temporary alternatives for the necessary ones, like pool heaters, so your pool would still be useful even without the costly additions.

You would be surprised at how much lower the Franklin Lakes NJ pool installation costs will be if you put on hold any upgrades and aesthetic additions. It can be frustrating to think that you cannot immediately have your dream pool constructed, but a step closer is always better than none. The pool will still serve its function even without these. Moreover, it will not stay that way forever. You will get your dream pool when you have enough money saved up for it. Just think of it as an ongoing process that you will soon complete.


Having a pool at your home does not come cheap. If you do not have the luxury of excess money, you would have to save for it. But keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be that costly if you open your mind to considering these Franklin Lakes NJ pool installation tips we have to make it affordable. You have nothing to lose and literally a pool to gain.

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