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Winter inevitably will bear its colder temperatures on our New Jersey gardens soon, and we will be left feeling that any evidence of life and vibrant color are gone. We at Arapahoe Landscape Design just can’t let that happen, just because the weather is cold and boring doesn’t mean that your landscaping has to be!

Here are our top tips for bringing color and lighting to your landscaping during the winter months:

Add COLOR! Hearty plants such as holly bushes and evergreens can give your winter garden a pop of color

against white snow. The red of the holly berries will look lovely with a fresh snow!

Adding lighting around your entryway or up your front walkway to brighten the ever darker evenings and add warmth to your front entrance.

For the nature lovers out there, adding a bird feeder just outside your window or in your trees will keep the birds happy and fed while also enabling you catch glimpses of color and beauty as birds visit your home.

Evergreen trimmings are a great way to add color to window boxes or containers on the front porch. Mix in birch logs and ribbons to your front porch as well for a full winter effect.

Just because the temperatures are getting lower doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy our yard and have eye-catching design aspects in our landscaping. Get out and apply our tips to your home, you’ll be happy you did!

It’s never too early to think about landscaping for next year, start planning, budgeting and researching your landscaping design ideas now so that you can  implement them as soon as the weather breaks. We’d be happy to help you make your dreams come true in the spring!

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