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Millions of people use swimming pools on a daily basis to relax, have fun, and engage in sports. While pools offer luxury and comfort, Teaneck, NJ pool installation experts suggest taking measures to ensure pool safety. Some pool owners are unaware of what they need to do to keep their pool safe, which is dangerous, as it exposes pool users to accidents, which can result in serious injuries or death.

Having a pool comes with huge responsibility and it’s up to the pool owner to ensure the pool is used in accordance with regulations. It is even more dangerous if the pool is used by children, as they are the most vulnerable to pool accidents. According to statistics, in America alone, over 200 children die in backyard pool accidents every year, which has raised concerns about pool safety.

We’ve come up with a list of pool safety tips for every pool owner to ensure they are able to avoid accidents.

Restrict Pool Access

Many pool accidents have been attributed children accessing the pools without adult supervision. Your pool should be surrounded by a pool fence to restrict access. You should use a 4-feet-high fence with a self-closing gate. If your pool is built close to your house, lock windows and doors leading to the pool so that kids don’t use them to access to the pool from inside the house. For windows near the pool, grills can be installed to make it impossible for kids to climb through. This ensures small children cannot access the pool without an adult.

If you have children using a pool, make sure they’re not left unattended. They need to be under close watch while they are using the pool. Young and inexperienced swimmers should be assisted and should wear a life jacket while they are in the pool.

You can also get a pool alarm that sounds whenever someone goes near the pool. This will alert you when someone falls or jumps into the swimming pool.

A Pool Cover

When the pool is not being used, it should be covered, and steps or ladders should be removed. Ask your Teaneck, NJ pool installation expert to advise you on the best pool covers to buy. Aside from protecting your family, pool covers also protect your pool from dirt.

Swimming Lessons

This is important for residential pools because you don’t want to have a pool around people who don’t know how to swim. Before installing a pool, enroll your family in swimming lessons. This will assure you that, by the time Teaneck, NJ professionals complete pool construction, everyone in your home will know how to swim safely.

Chemical Balance

Once a pool is installed, the process of maintenance begins. To maintain pool safety, ensure the chemical levels are regularly checked. Regularly monitoring chemical levels reduces the risk of skin irritation, earaches, and other health complications. There should also be proper circulation and filtration.

Water Depth

Before anybody uses the pool, check the pool’s water levels to ensure it is deep enough for when people dive into the pool. If you do not know how to check your water levels, ask a Teaneck, NJ pool installation professional to show you how.

Pool Rules

Come up with rules to discourage running around the pool, standing on drain covers and swimming alone. If pool users follow these simple rules, they will be safe while swimming.

Pool safety is an important issue that has to be addressed if you are planning to install a pool. Make sure to discuss pool safety with your Teaneck, NJ pool installation specialist.