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Having your very own outdoor fireplace is not only perfect for s’mores or a bonfire, but is also a great way to relax with loved ones in the evenings or during colder months. Outdoor fireplaces have the ability to finish the overall look of any contemporary outdoor room or patio, improving the aesthetic appeal of your property significantly. If you are thinking about including a fireplace in your outdoor area, this comprehensive buying and installation guide is where you should start.

Check for Building Codes and Regulations

Before you even begin the process of getting your own Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplace, you should check to see if there are rules and building codes in your area that may apply and licenses or permits you may need to get. This is important because some cities have regulations even about the type of fireplace you can have and the type of fuel that can be used. Therefore, you should be aware of the various building codes and regulations before starting your research on Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplaces.

Design Elements

Once you know all this information, your next step is to take into consideration the design of your home, patio, garden, and all other hardscaping and landscaping features to choose the design of your Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplaces. Keep in mind that the materials and style of your fireplace should be more or less similar to the rest of your patio. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to color coordinate the fireplace; you just have to make sure that it complements the rest of your backyard.

Choosing a Fire Type

Within just the past decade, quite a lot of advancements have taken place in the outdoor design category. This has given rise to a lot of new designs, styles, and other aspects in not just outdoor kitchens and living spaces, but also in the choice of Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplaces.

When it comes to choosing your fire type, you have the following options:

Kits: If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your yard or patio, you should definitely consider an outdoor fireplace kit. Fireplace kits are basically sophisticated designs that enable you to construct a complete outdoor living room or patio area around it. A finished fireplace kit will comprise of everything you will need to construct an impressive centerpiece, such as a fireplace body, hearth, chimney, pre-cut block, gas log, and firebox. Assembling the kit will take only around two to four hours.

Inserts: Known to be a functional alternative to fireplace kits, inserts would be an ideal choice if you wish to add an indoor-style Bergen County NJ fireplace to your outdoor area. As most inserts happen to be gas-fueled and don’t need venting, you can easily install them within a wood frame, masonry cavity, or wall.

Portable Fireplaces: Portable Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplaces offer a lot of benefits, which is why they happen to be a popular choice among homeowners. One of the major attractions of these fireplaces is that they are in fact portable. You can easily move a portable frame to different areas in your backyard, or if you happen to have a rather compact outdoor space, you can even store it away when not necessary. In addition, portable fireplaces are also more affordable.

Choosing a Location

Once you are done choosing the type of Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplace you want, the next step is to choose a location for it. As you inspect your property for the perfect spot to build an outdoor fireplace, you need to take into consideration the various characteristics of the location you choose. In general, the location you choose for your fireplace should:

  • Be at a safe distance from sheds, garages, barns, and other buildings.
  • Be at a safe distance from your house itself.
  • Be on level ground.
  • Not have overhanging branches and vines.
  • Be clear of underground pipes, cables, or wires.

If you are planning on building the fireplace on your existing deck, you need to make sure that the deck will be able to hold the weight of the structure. If yours is a wood deck, make sure that heatproof masonry is used around the fireplace area to prevent potential fire accidents.

Purpose and Design

The next important thing to think about is the purpose of your Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplace. The best way to design a fireplace is to first come up with a list of how you want to use the fireplace and then design it to fit those purposes as much as possible. For instance, if the main purpose of your fireplace is just to create an elegant and peaceful outdoor atmosphere, you can go with a traditional enclosed fireplace design. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy its warmth in addition to the ambiance it creates, an open pit model would suit you best.

The best way to take advantage of your outdoor area throughout the year is by installing an outdoor fireplace. Keep these tips in mind to attain the best looking and functional outdoor fireplace in your home.