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With the increasing use of fireplaces these days, it’s important for homeowners to not only understand the different kinds of fireplaces out there, but also know which one is the most suitable for them. A common question that people interested in Ridgewood NJ outdoor fireplaces ask themselves is whether to buy or build their fireplace. This is a difficult choice to make and therefore, it is important to do adequate research before making a final decision.


For starters, it’s good to know the differences between the various types of outdoor fireplaces, as well as the styles that exist on the market. Once you find the right outdoor fireplace for your needs, you can be guaranteed to enjoy using it for many years to come. There are various types of Ridgewood NJ outdoor fireplaces to give you varied experiences. The main outdoor fireplace categories include: open pit fireplace, partly enclosed fireplace, and enclosed fireplace.


Open Pit Fireplace

This fireplace is a made on a simple surface that allows you to build a fire. It’s basically a traditional campfire that burns in the open air. It’s simple to put up because the only thing it requires is a structure, or a ring of rocks, that will lift the fireplace off the ground. In many cases, these fireplaces are made using metal and resemble a shallow bowl shape. The fireplace is suspended from the ground using a metal frame that makes it possible for it to be lit on a concrete patio without damaging it. The best firepit is a custom built by a qualified Bergen county installer.


A lot people love open pit fireplaces because they are cheap to invest in, simple to build, and are beautiful to look at These are great advantages, especially for people who treasure outdoor fireplaces by Ridgewood NJ. An open pit fireplace can act as a great campfire in your backyard where you can sit down with your friends and have fun.


The disadvantage of these fireplaces is that they produce a lot of smoke which can easily be blown around by a slight breeze and end up in people’s faces.


Enclosed Fireplaces

Aside from open pit fireplaces, there are enclosed, partly enclosed fireplaces, They are superior to their open pit counterpart because they have better safety standards that include smoke venting and improved air flow. Most of them come with a smokestack that guides the smoke to be released at a higher level in the atmosphere to avoid affecting people. Since the fire is enclosed, they are definitely safer and guarantee a better burn. However, if you’re planning on investing in an enclosed Ridgewood NJ outdoor fireplace, you will have to spend more money and encounter portability hurdles.


Outdoor Fireplace Materials

Outdoor fireplace Ridgewood NJ experts advise that it’s important to know about the material you intend to use for your outdoor fireplace.  It is preferable to use custom masonry as opposed to clay or thin metals which won’t last very long. Copper is a good material and can last a lifetime but it’s very expensive.

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