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Are you planning to get a fireplace for your house? What about an outdoor fireplace? An outdoor fireplace not only keeps you warm, but it also beautifies your home. Nowadays, many homeowners are using outdoor fireplaces as a way to spruce up their house exteriors. Essex County NJ outdoor fireplaces companies recommend that homeowners educate themselves on different things about outdoor fireplaces. Here are some useful tips for buying an outdoor fireplace.


Fireplaces are not the Same

When it comes to fireplaces, you need to know that fireplaces are different. Most outdoor fireplaces cannot be used indoors. In addition, fireplaces are made of different materials. When purchasing a fireplace, keep in mind the safety of your house, family, and neighbors.


Invest in a Chiminea

Having a chiminea will keep smoke out of your eyes. Generally, outdoor fireplaces come in two designs; fire pits and chimineas. A chiminea is a single mouth opening fireplace that has a chimney to properly allow for fresh air. The anatomy of a good chimnea should be able to draw fresh air into the fire, as well manage to draw the fumes upward and away from you and your family. In addition, Essex County NJ outdoor fireplaces recommend chimineas because the fire burns hotter and cleaner, leaving behind only small amounts of ash.


Outdoor Fireplace Durability Varies

When it comes to shopping for an outdoor fireplace, you have to be careful with the kind of material you choose. Most Essex County NJ outdoor fireplaces advise homeowners to stay away from fireplaces made of clay, copper, or sheet steel, because they don’t provide longevity or safety. On the other hand, fireplaces made of cast aluminum or iron are safe and last longer. In addition, cast aluminum outdoor fireplaces require low maintenance. All in all, before you shop for an outdoor fireplace, make sure the material can withstand various weather elements.


Check the Weight and Size of a Fireplace

When purchasing an outdoor fireplace, check the weight and size. Since fireplaces are made of different materials they are also vary in weight and size. Be careful of mixed models that are partly cast iron and sheet steel. Outdoor fireplaces companies in Essex County NJ advocate for homeowners to consider the firebox size. An outdoor fireplace with a small firebox makes burning wood more complicated.


What Fuel to Burn

Outdoor fireplaces professionals in Essex County NJ advise homeowners to figure out the type of fuel they plan to burn in their outdoor fireplace. Hardwood such as oak makes a great fire. If you have a chiminea then wood is the right fuel source. It’s also possible to find manufactured propane, fire logs, gel inserts,  and natural gas. Additionally, you can use apple wood or pine cones for an aromatic fire. As long as you have an outdoor fireplace, you should always choose your fuel carefully. Any fuel that proves to be a danger for you and your property should not used.

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