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Having an outdoor fireplace is a beautiful edition and great design enhancer for your home. However, if you want to have an outdoor fireplace, then you need to invest in a high quality well built fire place Even though having an outdoor fireplace is awesome, it can also be a fire hazard, especially if it’s not installed properly. This is the reason Franklin Lakes NJ outdoor fireplace companies advise homeowner to use a professional.


Although an outdoor fireplace is not an urgent need for many people; it comes in handy during the cold seasons. If you have enough space, there are different places you can build your fireplace. According to Franklin Lakes NJ outdoor fireplace installers, some places worth considering include the patio, backyard, and pool area. Avoid having a fireplace near plants or something that can easily catch fire. If you are planning on having an outdoor fireplace, here are some helpful guidelines.


What Kind of Fireplace Do you Want?

Generally, a fireplace consists of a chimney and a firebox. Lately, outdoor fireplaces can be made of many different materials. If you research the various outdoor fireplaces, you will be overwhelmed with helpful information. The material you want for your fireplace depends on various things, such as budget and personality. Whichever fireplace you plan to invest in, make sure it’s durable and capable of withstanding all weather. It’s even possible to have outdoor fireplace experts in Franklin Lakes NJ customize your fireplace to suit your taste.


What About the Fuel

For a fireplace to keep you warm, it needs fuel. What kind of fuel do you want to use? Is it gas, charcoal, or wood? These materials are all common in the market for various reasons. Many homeowners prefer using charcoal and wood because they are easy to obtain. Lighting fire using charcoal or wood is also easier compared to other materials. Franklin Lakes NJ outdoor fireplace companies encourage homeowners to use pine cones, apple wood and hardwood. The reason why homeowners no longer use fire logs is because of its toxic smoke. Nowadays, fireplaces can come equipped with natural gas inserts that incorporate fire glass or fake logs



Before investing in an outdoor fireplace, you need to consider the price. Currently, fireplaces come in different prices and the fireplace you decide to buy should be within your budget. Generally, fixed outdoor fireplaces tend to be more expensive when compared to other types. On the other hand, fire pits have lower prices. The material from which the fireplace is made of may also play an important role in pricing. Fireplaces made of faux stone tend to be much cheaper.



Safety is a crucial issue to consider when building a fireplace. This is the reason why the outdoor fireplace experts in Franklin Lakes NJ recommend that homeowners invest in a fire extinguisher. Make sure to have the extinguisher installed in a place near the fireplace; you never know when you will use it. Never leave the fire unattended because it can cause a lot of damage quickly. If you have kids or pets, keep an eye on them when around the fire to prevent any accidents.

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