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Many homes are built on slopes in New Jersey simply because we are so fortunate to live near so many beautiful mountains. Bergen County, for example, is nestled nicely in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains. This can certainly add its challenges to making a useful and functioning yard in areas like Mahwah, Oakland, and Franklin Lakes to name a few. However, sloped properties can add a dramatic element to those properties in some cases. In Saddle River and Wyckoff, for example, we have been able to use the rear soaps to create beautiful infinity drop offs to the pools we created. This also helps to create a lower social area which gives a unique perspective looking back at the residence.

The most common way of dealing with slopes is creating tiered walls with steps connecting the different levels of the property. This can be done with precast walls, dry-laid natural stone, block walls with or without stone veneer, or boulder walls. Boulder walls tend to be the most economical and can be quite stunning if done right, keep in mind you need the room to get a machine in as well as a good operator for this option. Mixing the boulders with natural slab steps is really an art form. Other options such as staggered perched boulders mixed with a good ground cover like ivy or vinca can be beautiful as well.

To see some of the work we’ve done including the above-mentioned projects, please visit our page on Tiering/Sloping Property. We love to work with our clients to make their dreams a reality! Sloping properties

don’t slow us down.

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