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Here in northern New Jersey so many of us take to our outside decks, pools and patios grilling at the first flush of summer…or even before. Entertaining friends, family even clients sees so many of us ‘out back’ enjoying the well maintained expanses of our lawns, it makes perfect sense then that we might very well want to add or design a full outdoor kitchen to make our outdoors socializing even more comfortable.

To Cook Or Not To Cook?

The answer is, yes you will be cooking if you are setting-up an outdoor kitchen! These days there are many options to consider, from various size grills, burners and stoves; firepits and fireplaces; even outdoor ovens and rotisseries.

Having ‘cooked-up’ many outdoor kitchen designs Arapahoe Landscape Contractors will help you pick-out, then install the best cooking surface for your needs.

Countertops, Bars, Tables…Oh My.

Do you want to create an outdoor kitchen with eat-on surfaces or simply just counter space for holding/stacking/serving dishes? Are you looking to build a bar or drink service area? How about individual tables littered round the perimeter of the kitchen area or one long communal table for your parties? And what do you want all these surfaces to be made of? Might you be looking for many different materials for each outdoor kitchen area, do you know yet the overall ‘look’ you want with your party space?

Arapahoe Landscape Contractors knows which surfaces are best for our N.J. climate as well as for your specific needs. We will install to your schedule and for the very specific northern New Jersey feng shui.

Cabinets and refrigerators

Cabinet space and refrigerators can make-or break-an outdoor kitchen. You’ll want as much food and supplies at the ready…the whole point of building this outdoor kitchen after all is to keep you from having to trek in and out of the house while entertaining and cooking. Yes space is limited, even in those big backyards in Allendale or Saddle River.

Let Arapahoe Landscape Contractors plan with you and see to the exact fit of what you will need in your cabinets and refrigerators, in running hoses and lines…and even installing tanks.

Seeking Shelter

The one thing we can count on in northern New Jersey is not being able to count on the weather. When it rains (or hails even), during March winds or snow during the winter months, you will want adequate shelter to cover you cooking areas so you can keep-on partying or to protect all your beautiful surfaces in inclement weather.

Arapahoe Landscape Contractors knows exactly what’s need for our unique north New Jersey weather.

What’s Under You?

It’s easy to run your eye over your expansive wonderful Mahwah landscaping, marvel at the surfaces of your decks, enjoy state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen appliances. But think about what you’re standing on. Your outdoor kitchen area will most likely be delineated from the rest of your yard, or at the very least, you might want to mark off this area astehtcially from the rest of your patio/deck. Kitchen ‘flooring’ areas should be easily cleanable and comfortable for standing on for long periods.

Arapahoe Landscape Contractors will present samples of floor surfaces giving you the pros and cons of all…and of course will install the one you want.

An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition to a New Jersey home. But it takes planning and care-and a professional contractor-to help you make your cooking and entertaining dreams a reality.

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