Looking for a highly deer resistant shrub to add to your landscape design? How about a Boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens)? Boxwoods are one of our favorite shrubs to work with here at Arapahoe Landscape Contractors, and we think they will become one of your favorites too by the time you finish reading this blog.

Boxwoods have been used in formal gardens for year and years for their versatility, pest resistant nature, elegance, and color. Here are some facts about boxwoods:

·         Planted in their ideal environment, you can expect boxwoods to grow for 75+ years

·         When used as a privacy barrier, they can reach 15’ high

·         Planted with proper drainage this shrub attracts minimal pests or disease

·         Can be shaped (topiary)

·         Deer resistant

·         Beautiful dark green foliage

·         Can be used as edging or in a border along a walkway

·         Good cold hardiness

Our landscape contractors have years of experience planning, designing and installing landscapes throughout Bergen County NJ. When we work with our clients, we only suggest plants and shrubs that we know are versatile and loved by many for its different attributes. Working with boxwoods is easy and due to its versatility, we are able to match many different styles using them in different ways.

The fact that NJ has been dealing with a lot of deer issues in gardens this past year, leads us towards recommending plants and shrubs that are deer resistant more and more. This is one that we always recommend as not only is it highly deer resistant, but it also attracts minimal pests and is not typically prone to disease.

We hope that you’ll consider the Boxwood when planning you landscaping this year! You’ll be happy that you did.