“Outdoor room” is a design term that has been used in recent years to define the functional outdoor space. It would be a space similar to an indoor room just without the walls. Usually containing one, a few or all of the following:

  • fireplace/fire pit
  • kitchen area
  • bar
  • water feature i.e. pond, fountain, or waterfall
  • seat wall
  • media area
  • and of course a social area and/or eating area

More often than not this space will have some kind of roof structure supported by columns and piers. The roof could be open like a shade trellis structure or something more substantial for keeping the elements out like a timber frame roof or traditional roof.

On the subject of roofs, something we have been doing in recent years is building an open trellis and on the underside attaching tracks that guide a retractable type awning. This provides the user with the best of both worlds: sun and shade. The floor of the patio can be a natural stone in an irregular or Ashlar pattern, paver or wood composite.

Visit our page on outdoor rooms to get some ideas on what your outdoor room could look like!