The construction process for a private residential pool in Northern New Jersey is an involved process, so it’s important for a homeowner to hire a trusted and experienced pool contractor. The construction process for a concrete pool is comprised of various steps and sub-steps relating to planning, design and pool construction, as well as maintenance and upkeep.

The Concrete Pool Design and Construction Process:

  1. Planning

An extensive survey of the proposed site of the pool is completed. This takes into account the type of soil and potential threats from erosion. Natural slopes and elevations of the site are taken into account, as well as sub-terrain root structures and utilities. Local zoning codes and permits are also obtained to ensure compliance with local and state ordinances.

  1. Design

This is the phase of pool construction where all the design elements are planned and expected for. Pool radiuses and dimensions are planned, as well as water features like waterfalls and spas. Pool heating and pool pumping mechanicals are mapped out, as well as electrical and plumbing plans. Usually, this plan design is approved by a local zoning official or town board.

  1. Pre-Construction

After the design phase, materials are ordered and a timeline for construction is developed. This keeps the project on a specific timeline and allows the contractor to plan for and book sub-contractors and order materials. Earth digging machines are transported to site and the area is surveyed to properly adhere to the initial design plan.

  1. Construction

Earth digging is performed to specifications cited from the initial design phase. Steel reinforced rebar and mesh act as a structure shell for when concrete is poured to form shell of pool. Plumbing and electrical hookups are secured within the rigid shell prior to concrete install. Once initial concrete work is completed, the pool is backfilled with gravel and stone. Plumbing and electrical hookups are completed. Water features such as waterfalls are completed as the pool edges and hardscapes are installed. Once the shell is hardened, it is cleaned and finished with an industry approved suitable application.

  1. Maintenance

Regular maintenance to keep the appropriate pH levels and chemical balances of the pool is a must. Arapahoe Landscape Contractors does not provide chemical pool treatments, but can recommend trusted local companies. Draining of a concrete pool is not recommended, but if necessary-should be overseen by us.