Good landscaping is an art; this is a fact that surely can’t be denied. Surely it’s a business for a great many landscape design services, but for the very best ones, planting, designing, even maintaining a home or businesses’ landscaping is a true art form.

The full range of landscape work requires meticulous craftsmanship as well as sweaty hard work. Not every landscaper can deliver the intricacies needed for the full service you demand for your N.J. property, a property that sees the wide variety of the full brunt of weather and some specific topography. As with most parts of the U.S., New Jersey does indeed enjoy its own unique temperatures, grows flowers and plants indigenous to its soil and a good landscaper has to be every bit a horticulturist as contractor in what they do. It’s not enough to just plant flowers, move and design walkways, decks and window boxes; one must know what to plant and when to plant it.

A good part of landscaping does not even happen in the dirt. What makes award winning landscape designs, or at the very least well manicured lawns is a company that strategizes with you before a flower is potted, who will make suggestions and even offer alternatives to what you have envisioned and will commit to a maintenance plan to keep your property healthy and beautiful through the harsh weather of cold New Jersey winters and our long hot summers. Pre-planning and designing landscapes is as much at the heart of the art of landscaping design in New Jersey as actual planting and cutting lawns is.

Whether at your house or business, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Do so by using a landscape designer who truly understands the full fine art of landscape design.