A very common question that we hear this time of year is whether to use chlorine or salt in pools. We will try to lay out an argument for both, but I will say that I use salt in my own pool and the main reasons are as follows.


Salt Pools:

When you’re swimming in a salt pool, the water is softer almost silky. When you get out of the water, your skin doesn’t have that dry chalky feeling often associated with straight chlorine pools.  Furthermore, your eyes don’t burn and you don’t get those weird halos in your vision after swimming in a salt pool.

Two misconceptions about salt pools are that they don’t use chlorine at all and that the water is just like the ocean. The first is false because you’re actually making chlorine with the salt and a device attached to your pool filter. However, the chlorine is much gentler. The latter misconception is not true at all. The salinity of a salt pool is that of a tear, again very mild.

The down side to salt pools is first its more expensive and price can vary depending on size of pool. Salt pools require more monitoring of water and pH levels to keep the water balanced as well.


Chlorine Pools:

This simply will not be as compelling of an argument plain and simple. The main reasons people stick with traditional chlorine pools is cost. Chlorine is also the simplest way to purify water.

If you remove cost and simplicity from the equation, the answer is simple: SALT!

We design and install far more salt pools than traditional chlorine, however, we don’t discriminate if that is what the customer wants. Please visit our page for more information on our pool design and installation services.