Outdoor fireplaces are great additions to a home that make our lives easier and more comfortable. You can build outdoor fireplaces in various shapes and sizes. However, before building one you will need to know your budget, as well as what design options you would like to incorporate.


If you want to have an ideal outdoor fireplace that will suit your needs, you need to do sufficient research on Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplaces styles and designs. Remember, aside from focusing on the design, you must pay attention to safety issues. It’s not wise to purchase an outdoor fireplace without making sure the unit you purchased is safe for use. You cannot afford to ignore issues having to do with your safety, as well as that of your family. In addition, you’ll need to take into account the safety of your property.


Below are useful safety tips that you’ll need to consider when using an outdoor fireplace.


Custom built are Preferable

A lot of people looking for outdoor fireplaces Bergen County NJ prefer to have a built in outdoor fireplace as opposed to fire pits. This is mainly because they are considered to be safer to use when compared to fire pits and elevated fire pits. Custom outdoor fireplaces facilitate better airflow. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about sitting near too much smoke.


The risk of using elevated fire pits is that they can easily tip over and injure anyone nearby.


Keep an Eye on Your Outdoor Fireplace

Always ensure to be watchful and know what is happening in your outdoor fireplace. In some cases, the wind may become too strong and alter the direction of the fire. In addition, your children or pets could get too near to the fireplace, which is risky. Even while you are having fun, make sure you know what is going on around you.


Start with a Small Fire

Instead of igniting large fires, it’s wiser to start with a small fire in your outdoor fireplace that is easy to manage. By doing this, you will be able to study how the wind is blowing, as well as its direction. It’s not advisable to start a fire if there are strong winds as you could soon be unable to control the fire.

Always Be Ready

Bergen County NJ outdoor fireplaces can quickly become uncontrollable, so you need to be ready at all times. Remember that when you are outdoors it’s more difficult to control fires. Having a fire extinguisher or a water bucket nearby will be helpful in case of an emergency. Ensure that everyone who is around you knows how to use fire extinguishing equipment because in the event of a fire, you’ll all need to work as a team to put the fire out.


Use Safety Tools to Manage Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces are hot, so you must never handle them without using wearing protective gear. Ensure that you have your special gloves on hand just in case you need to do something near the fireplace. In addition, having a safety screen for your fireplace is important because it will protect everyone who is sitting near the fireplace from unexpected sparks from the pit.

Carefully Choose Outdoor Fireplace Location

The location you choose for your fireplace must be somewhere open and not too near buildings to prevent the spread of fire in case of an emergency. Outdoor fireplace Bergen County NJ experts advise leaving sufficient space between outdoor fireplaces and buildings or vegetation.