Clients in Bergen County ask us all the time, ‘how does the pool design process work?’ When we start designing a new pool for a client, we take into account numerous factors. First, usually there are universal project limitations that are taken into account. For example, if a client’s property is small, we can’t feasibly install an Olympic sized swimming pool. Also, we need to take into account zoning and municipality restrictions. Finally, the budget of the project is taken into account.

Regarding the design of the pool, we first consult with the client to learn their vision for their swimming pool. Do they want waterfalls? Perhaps they wish to have a cove underneath the waterfall or a water slide for their kids. These ‘must haves’ are taken into consideration. Next, we ask clients to show examples of pool styles and designs that they like. We ask clients to check out our Houzz Page or our Pool Gallery Page to get some inspiration on the type of pool they would prefer.

Following this pool consultation, we work with our award winning pool design team to develop concepts of the outdoor space. Notes on patio size and type, pool dimensions and layout, water features and pool landscaping are mapped out in a series of pool planning documents.

Revisions and edits are made until the project on paper is approved by the client and their pool budget. If you are interested in having a new backyard oasis for this upcoming summer, but not sure where to start…we offer a complimentary consultation, where we will visit your property and explain the feasibility of having a new pool installed.