Landscape Design & Construction Process

Step 1: Landscape Design and Architecture

Where the vision is conceived. Where grace and beauty come together on paper and is presented to you in a beautiful, easily understood concept plan. We will guide you thru every facet of your project large or small.

Step 2: Landscape Installation

Prepping and creating a workable pallet where we will sculpt, shape, and contour your property to meet our new vision, this is where the sub work is done like drainage, piping, seepage pits etc. All the necessary stuff to make your finish product function flawlessly. This is done using our “Big Toys” (Track-hoe excavator, Bobcats, loaders, dump trucks, etc.)

Step 3: Install Hardscaping

Hand crafted stonework, etc. At this point things get really interesting as our skilled stone masons chisle, shape and hammer your choice of materials into beautiful works of art. Your property really starts to take shape as each stone, brick or paver gets set in place. Social areas are brought to life,transitional area are defined, fireplaces are raised, waterfalls are sculpted, the list goes on and on, but one this is for sure they are built correct and built to last.

Retaining wall planter

Step 4: Installations of plant material, lawn areas, and ground covers

To keep it all together for years to come. Ahh..the beautiful trees, dramatic texture and brilliant color really do compliment the stonework. Here is the home stretch, where our horticultural specialist will follow the detailed plan and plant list, installing magnificent trees for dramatic vertical elements. Shrubs and plants for filling in the mid level, creating a sense of space and adding color, followed by the masses of perennials which gives seasonal.

Step 5: Garden Enhancement

This is where our skilled maintenance division will continue to plant annuals, perennials, mulching, grounds maintenance, pruning and trimming of plant material. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your property year round.