In Northern NJ, particularly the areas surrounding Bergen and Morris counties, the deer problem is at epidemic proportions. Check out this article from NorthJersey.com regarding this issue. These beautiful creatures are reaping havoc on New Jersey gardens. Ask any homeowner who is trying to protect their lush garden, they are now realizing that their simple privacy hedges aren’t doing the work. Time to investigate other options to keep the deer out.

Depending on the space you have on your property you may be limited to what you can choose to provide a barrier. If you have a narrow property or a smaller space traditionally green giant arborvitae and holly work well as deer resistant plants for privacy. But the key word is resistant not proof! Deer have been grazing on these plants recently as they continue to adapt to their environment.

For larger, wider spaces your choices are much greater and options such as a Norway spruce, hemlock and Serbian spruce can be utilized. A wider space will allow you to layer the garden with plants like rhododendron or mountain laurel which are considered traditional deer resistant plants.

Fences will help as well, but given the space dear will leap any fence up to 6′ high! We have found that a good spraying program with a reputable company, one that rotates different types of sprays, can help as well. This way deer are less likely to get used to the scent and ignore continuing their grazing on your plants!