More and more people are looking to have their properties professionally landscaped. This means the interest in the services of expert Paramus, New Jersey landscape architects is growing quickly. It also means that many people become landscape architects who might not be well suited for the profession. Landscaping a property requires a number of skills and familiarity with the issues surrounding landscape architecture. A successful landscape architect knows the best ways to make any kind of landscape design a reality. But how to find such a professional?

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find a professional landscape architect in Paramus, NJ. Not only can you find a wealth of information on what to expect when you are looking to have your property professionally landscaped, but you can also quickly search for a landscape architect who has all the qualities that will make your project a success.

Below are some of the main qualities of a reliable professional landscape architect in Paramus, New Jersey. If you see these qualities in an expert, you have found the right person for your landscaping project.


Honesty is a key quality that every professional should have. But when it comes to landscape architecture, you simply cannot afford to work with a dishonest person. Landscaping projects are expensive and sensitive undertakings. They require an honest individual for them to be successfully executed. You might have a number of ideas for your property, and you need a skilled landscape architect to evaluate your ideas and advise you on their feasibility. A dishonest person will make promises that can’t be kept, offering designs and features that are impractical or impossible for your property. A dishonest person might also quote an unreasonable price at the start of a project and then run over budget or take shortcuts that negatively affect the quality of the work.

Landscaping projects require a landscape architect to procure materials and labor and apply for various kinds of permits. This is another reason to select a landscape architect with integrity in Paramus, NJ. False promises will mess up an entire project and never lead to success. And shady business dealings during your landscaping project will reflect negatively not both the landscape architect and you.


Even a small mistake during a landscaping project can ruin the entire project. When looking for a landscape architect in Paramus NJ, you should find out whether the person you intend to hire is detail-oriented and takes ownership of his or her work. During interviews with prospective architects, ask questions that will help you determine how they approach a job and how comprehensive their approach is. A detail-oriented landscape architect will clearly demonstrate the intent to always work according to established procedures. He or she will always make sure that no detail, no matter how small, is ignored or left to chance. Even a slight oversight during a project can cause safety issues and substandard work. The best way to avoid problems is to hire an architect who respects the entire landscaping process without skipping any details.

Good Communicator

Communication is always important. It is especially vital during a large-scale project like landscaping a property. Since you are paying for the project, you want to hire a landscape architect who quickly responds to your emails, calls, or social media messages. During the course of a project, there are usually numerous issues that require consultation and quick communication. You wouldn’t want to work with someone who takes several days to respond to your messages. This can cause unnecessary delays. Avoid people who don’t answer their phone or rarely respond to your emails. A Paramus NJ landscape architect who swiftly responds to your queries is a good choice for your project. Fortunately, this is something you can evaluate during the interview stage.

Adherence to Timelines

Every landscaping project has a defined timeline, and every successful landscape architect should operate within it. Transforming your property is an exciting undertaking, and any delay during the project can cause stress and misunderstandings. If worse comes to worst, the entire project can collapse. For best results, choose a landscape architect in Paramus, NJ who has an excellent track record of completing projects within set timelines. If a professional strives to complete assignments as agreed, you know you can trust the person. Then you can also be sure the person provides good workmanship. Your satisfaction is almost guaranteed.

These are some of the most important qualities to look for in a professional landscape architect in Paramus, New Jersey. If you do your research well and find a professional with these qualities, your project is very likely to be successful.