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Having an outdoor fireplace is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Aside from sprucing up your backyard, Oradell NJ outdoor fireplaces allow you to spend more time outside with your family and friends. When you have a fireplace installed, you’re free to venture outdoors and have fun instead of remaining indoors because of things like cold weather conditions outside.

The trend of using outdoor fire pits has become so popular that some property owners opt to have them just for home decor purposes. There is no doubt, outdoor fireplaces are an important home feature that every property owner should consider having. However, outdoor fireplaces come with some level of responsibility, especially for users who intend to use the fire pit often. Before investing in a unit, it is important to familiarize yourself with general tips, such as safety precautions, when dealing with outdoor fireplaces. Ignorance of users has been blamed on a number of accidents involving fireplaces as well as poor maintenance and improper use.

There are different types of fireplaces on the market, but there are some general tips you can use to help ensure you have a pleasant experience when using your fireplace at home. Even though most units come with an operation and safety manual, it makes sense to know the basics and learn how to keep your outdoor fireplace in good working condition. There are many online information sources that share tips and elaborate on the knowledge you need to have about an outdoor fireplace before buying one. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of basic guidelines to help you learn what you need to know about outdoor fireplaces.

Consider the Size of the Fireplace

There are different types of outdoor fireplaces Oradell NJ that come in various sizes. Before purchasing an outdoor fireplace, you need to be aware of the size you want based on your specific needs. A good fireplace should be large enough to comfortably hold several logs.

If you buy a small outdoor fireplace with a tiny firebox, it be will hectic to use it as you need to frequently cut more logs to put in it or keep adding fuel so your unit keeps working. This can be dangerous as excess logs tend to hang out of the firebox with smaller fireplaces. In addition, it is not only cumbersome but can be expensive as well. So, you want to ensure you consider the size of your fireplace so you can use it in the safest way possible.

Its Weight and Stability

Many people tend to forget that weight is an important factor when choosing an outdoor fireplace. Even though lightweight fireplaces allow 360-degree access, they can easily tip over because of their weight. If you have to invest in a small fire pit, it is advisable to buy one with a strong wide base supported by strong and durable legs. Ensure it has a heavy firebox to maintain stability while it’s being used.

Remember, unstable fire pits are dangerous because if they topple over, they can cause a lot of damage or injure people who are close to the fireplace. Lightweight outdoor fireplaces are a good choice, especially if you want a portable unit that you can move around.

The Thickness of the Firebox

When buying outdoor fireplaces in Oradell NJ, you need to consider how thick you want your firebox to be. Fireboxes with thin sheets of metal tend to wear out quickly which is risky as embers can fall out from the bottom part of it. If you’re looking to maximize safety and ensure the durability of your fire pit, it’s advisable to go for a firebox that has been made using thicker and durable materials.

Invest in a Lid

It’s a great idea to invest in an outdoor fireplace with a lid because it helps to prevent ashes and debris from falling out of the fireplace and dirtying your deck or patio. Since these fireplaces are outside and exposed to a lot of strong winds and rain, having a lid is useful as well because it keeps everything within the fireplace and ensures your patio remains clean.  

Vents and Screens

A good outdoor fireplace model must have smoke vents, meshes, screens, and wrap-around grating to ensure embers do not fly around and cause a fire. When choosing a fireplace, it is good to work with experts who can guide you on what kind of outdoor fire pit has the best vents and screens that will ensure maximum safety.

Fuel Shutoffs

If you intend to buy a propane or gas fireplace, always invest in a unit with simple fuel shutoffs, excellent venting, and electric ignition. This is important because gas needs to be quickly controlled for safety purposes. Always research and check what is on the market together with the accompanying features before making a decision.

Maintain Your Fireplace

Some people tend to use their Oradell NJ outdoor fireplaces for awhile without cleaning and maintaining them. When a fireplace is not regularly cleaned and maintained, it will start to rust which exposes the unit to the danger of collapsing while in use. If you start to see that your fireplace is showing signs of rust, you should discontinue using it, and have either the firebox or entire fireplace replaced depending on the extent of the rust.

Choose the Location of Your Fireplace Wisely

Before investing in an outdoor fireplace, you should carefully consider where you want to have it placed. Oradell NJ outdoor fireplaces should be placed away from leaves, electrical wires, or overhanging limbs. In addition, they should be placed in a well-ventilated area and not installed close to buildings.