It’s time to renovate your lawn after the drought this summer brought to the New Jersey area. The drought took a toll on lawns throughout the state, which means that work needs to be done now to prepare for next year. September and October are the perfect time to give your lawn the attention that it needs, for aerating and for seeding as well.

The hot dry weather that the summer gave us has caused a great deal of trouble and stress on homeowner’s lawns. Signs of the weather doing its damage include thin, poor and damaged grass. Not to mention the havoc that pests and insects can have on your lawn causing bare spots and dead areas.

When renovating your lawn at the end of a summer, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Don’t mow too short. During the cooler season of fall, do not mow shorter than 2-1/2-3 inches.
2. Fall fertilization. To keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, you’ll need to fertilize, fall is the best time of year to put down nitrogen.
3. Limit Foot Traffic. High traffic areas will kill the grass, whether it’s too dry or too wet, keep people and pets off the lawn as much as possible to prevent killing the grass.
4. Water accordingly. If it has not rained, your lawn needs to be watered. Keep an eye on your lawn, though, overwatering can damage just as much as under watering.
5. Aeration is beneficial. Fall is the best time to aerate the soil, especially in the areas of compaction like high traffic areas. This will help to improve water movement in the lawn.
6. Seeding. Did you know that seeding isn’t just for summer? Fall is a good time to seed, especially those thinned out areas in your lawn to improve lawn quality.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to tackle the renovation of your yard! If your lawn has gotten out of control and you need to call in an expert for some advice, give us a call today, we’re always ready and willing to help.