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Are you thinking of having your own pool? It’s definitely exciting to think of having a pool in your home where you can relax and have fun after a day of hard work. Other than calling a pool installation expert to assist you with the construction process, you can opt to build a pool on your own. However, before you go for the DIY option, you need to make sure you have researched thoroughly, and have all the information you need to make informed decisions. Even though you’re planning on building your own pool, you can also engage the services of a qualified Westwood NJ pool installation expert and let them advise you on the steps to follow to ensure successful completion.

Remember, if you’re building your own pool, you need to pay attention to ensure that quality work is done and the highest safety standards are upheld. So, if you need to know what is involved in building a pool, the following guidelines will be useful for your reference.


Steps for Building a Swimming Pool

Identify the Function of the Pool

Before beginning any project, you need to know what kind of swimming pool you want and what its purpose will be. For instance, choose whether your pool will be in your backyard or if you prefer an indoor swimming pool. Also, you may need to know beforehand whether you intend to use the pool for entertainment or to have a pool specifically for your kids. Once you are able to come up with an answer, you will know what kind of pool will be suitable for your needs. It’s always wise to select a bowl that can comfortably incorporate future changes. This way, your pool will be universal and capable of catering to the needs of the entire family.

Choose the Bowl Shape and Size

The cost of investing in a pool largely depends on its size and functionality. When thinking about a pool, you need to consider the size and know what you want and how much you are willing to put into the project. Any pool installation Westwood NJ expert will tell you the bigger the size of the pool, the more you will be required to invest. In addition, rectangular swimming pools are known to cost less since they require less materials.

Documentation for Construction

When constructing a pool, there are numerous guides and manuals online that you can use to equip yourself with information. Fortunately, you can get your hands on numerous online drawings of various pools, along with detailed notes on construction procedures as well as information on hydraulic and electrical circuits. These drawings help a great deal because they help to simplify how you should build and assemble a pool. In order to realize the best results, you need to have a proper construction plan.

Most Westwood NJ pool installation companies have placed online pool building plans on their websites to guide property owners who wish to go for the DIY option. With a construction plan, you will be on top of things and be aware of every aspect related to designing and construction of a pool. Pool manuals also give you useful information about key issues such as how to manage pool drainage systems and maintenance among others.

Choose the Equipment You Need

There are numerous tools and equipment you will need when building a pool. The list is lengthy but you can find online tutorials from pool installation in Westwood NJ professionals that will show you in detail what tools you need for the job. Here, you also need to decide which type of pool filtration system you want to have. You can choose either overflow or skimmer, but a lot of people prefer skimmer because it’s cheaper and easier to install.

Steps for Building a Swimming Pool

Now that you’ve determined what you need to have for the construction, the following are steps from Westwood pool installation experts on what you need to do to build a pool.

Prepare the site where you wish to construct your swimming pool


You need to understand pool construction rules. Some of the major processes and materials here include sand and gravel and monolithic concrete slabs while processes are excavation in order to install the outside bowl, the drainage system, and external waterproofing.


Construct the Formwork


Many people prefer building formwork using wood because it is the cheapest. You need to know the accurate measurements to ensure no mistake is made. However, you can also opt for other types such as plywood formwork, which is more expensive.


Start Building Pool with Monolithic Concrete Pouring


For the best results, bowl construction should be done using a monolithic concrete casting. You can start with the bottom then proceed to do the walls. There are a number of processes involved here which take slightly over a month to complete.


Align Bowl Surfaces


You can do this simply by mixing sand and cement. Remember to add compounds to boost strength and safeguard against layer destruction.


Other key steps include:


  • Waterproofing of Surfaces


  • Finishing of pool surfaces
  • Assembly and installation of main pool equipment


  • Preparing the pool for first time use