These days, everyone is seeking the services of Upper Saddle River NJ landscaper designer experts to help them achieve their ideal dream yards. It does not matter how big or small your yard is, it is important to ensure that it has a good curb appeal. Landscaping is an art, and for you to witness good results, a lot of deliberate effort has to be put into every stage of the project to ensure it becomes a success. In recent times, the industry has witnessed tremendous growth. This is advantageous since finding the right expertise for your project has become easier. Landscaping demands that there is proper planning right from the onset which should include the involvement of a Upper Saddle River NJ landscape designer from an early stage. Some of the critical steps of planning for landscaping include the following: 

Conduct an Evaluation and Inventory

Before your landscape designer or Upper Saddle River NJ professional begins working, you need to make an inventory of all the permanent structures that are located on your yard and figure out where they will be placed in the new arrangement. By doing this, you are able to pinpoint areas that will be most affected by the project and how to specifically prepare. For instance, if you want to have a swimming pool in your yard, it is imperative to know the precise location of any unseen hazards such as underground power lines. Areas with key utilities, such as water and electricity, require a defined landscaping approach to minimize inconvenience while ensuring that safety is not compromised. 

Clear the Lawn

Clearing is a key landscaping preparation process as your yard needs to be rid of any rubbish, weeds, dead plants, as well as any organic and inorganic debris before work can proceed. Debris consisting of unneeded rocks, animal waste, food waste, fallen leaves, and woody materials needs to be cleared. In addition, items like plastic bags and hazardous waste should be removed from the proposed landscaping site. There are different ways of clearing your yard depending on what you intend to remove. Some of the clearing strategies include simply pulling out the weeds or using herbicides. 


If there is any vegetation that you wish to remain as part of the landscape, pruning is a brilliant idea. Depending on what you wish to prune, there are techniques, such as climbing up and pruning back, which your Upper Saddle River NJ landscape designer might recommend. All of the plant life that will remain should be carefully and skillfully pruned with garden shears, bypass runners, or lopping shears. The pruning technique selected depends on the condition and type of tree, flower, or shrub. 

Treat All Plants

For a landscaped garden that you want to look beautiful, all plants are required to be in good health. This means that your landscape designer in Upper Saddle River NJ should work closely with you to curb diseases in any plants in order to reduce or prevent the transmission of diseases to new plants that are added to your yard. Fungal diseases are particularly a major concern because some of them are airborne and can easily spread and infect new plants. Depending on the disease you are dealing with and its severity, you can either attempt to treat the diseased plants or remove and destroy them altogether. To get the best results, work with an expert who understands plants and their diseases. 

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

For a landscaping project to succeed, you should remove any hardscape or softscape features that do not fit into a landscaping plan. Softscape features include trees, bushes, and shrubs while hardscape features include retaining walls, fountains, and pavements. Hardscape features are usually tricky to deal with, and for this reason, it is better to consult with an expert unless you have the skills required to get rid of them. 

Prepare the Ground

Most landscaping projects require grounds with bare soil for new design concepts to be implemented. If you have old grass, you need to plan how to remove it and leave the ground with bare soil. The removal process may include removing any rocks and other debris as well as adding organic compost or any other items that need to go into the soil. 

Check Home’s Water Pressure System

If your landscaping plan is going to have an irrigation system, your Upper Saddle River NJ landscape designer should help you to determine if you have the right water pressure. In addition, you should have your water availability evaluated if your landscaped yard shall have features like fountains that rely on water to work efficiently. Do not proceed to begin landscaping without taking into account whether the water you currently have on the property will be able to support the new developments.

It is vital to begin preparations early enough if you want to landscape your yard efficiently and effectively. By doing this, you are able to save both time and money by reducing any delays when the project kicks off. Good planning also creates a perfect environment to introduce additional features without having to be inconvenienced. Property owners who start thinking about their project early and putting strategies in place are able to brainstorm about the budget and uncover any additional expenses such as land conditions that could require a budget revision. Planning is more effective and productive when you receive expert support from an Upper Saddle River NJ landscaper designer who can guide you on how to address various issues that come up during the initial planning stage. Without a proper plan in place, many people end up finding themselves having to spend more on the project or being unable to find the features they wanted in their yards.