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Building your dream swimming pool is complex; but if you are looking to build your own custom swimming pool, then it should be super fun. Plenty of amenities are available for you to design your own customized pool. It is your pool, and your personal touch can be sensed with the features you select for it. Having your own unique pool will keep you and your kids relaxed and rejuvenated more than ever. An inground swimming pool offers you many customization options and you can transform your pool into a party or entertainment hub whenever you want. If you are planning on an Essex Fells NJ pool installation, then don’t forget to add on some of the features we are going to discuss below.


Waterfalls have the ability to transform your mood completely and offer one of the best forms of entertainment for kids and adults alike. The atmosphere and ambiance of your swimming pool will be totally different with the existence of a waterfall. They also act as romantic spots for young couples. Waterfalls in association with a grotto give your pool a breathtaking and stunning view. Kids will love playing in these pools all day long.


This is a cave like styling feature that is typically Roman. Cave like structures around your swimming pool spa make it exciting. You can either opt for a completely natural grotto which will make your pool look realistic and will make you nostalgic; or go for artificial grottos that are relatively less expensive to install. You can have an absolutely exciting and thrilling experience every time you get into your pool when there is a grotto.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is obviously one of the best amenities you can have in your swimming pool. A shallow water filled area on your pool which is around 6 inch deep will give you space to have a relaxing and soothing time. This space is best suitable for toddlers to play and have fun. Adults can lie down and get some tan too. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are the best accessories for a tanning ledge and this is certainly one of the best amenities you can have.


If you have many kids at home, or if your kids love to bring their friends home for a wild adventure, then you can definitely place a waterslide to increase the adventure quotient. Swimming pool slides are available in many different sizes and shapes. A straight slide and a slightly curved slide are some of the most common slides. Bigger waterslides can also be placed if you are not on a budget. Slides integrated on to your landscape will make your home pool look like a mini water theme park.

Diving Boards

If you and your family love swimming and other water sports, then installing a diving board would be the straightforward choice. Diving boards are also available in different styles and you could choose the one that best fits in your pool area. Jump platforms and different types of modern diving boards in different shapes are available.

Built-in Water Table and Benches

If you are building a large sized swimming pool, then installing a built-in water table and benches is the best idea. Underwater tables and chairs will let you party all night long. Integrate this setup in a spot where you could place umbrellas and other sun protective products to spend your time comfortably. This amenity will give you the best spot for eating, reading, and even playing games.

Sunken Patio Bar

The next amenity you could add in your Essex Fells NJ pool installation is a sunken patio bar. This is best suited for homeowners who love to party and entertain their guests with wine and beer. A sunken patio bar with underwater seating is the usual design. You can design your custom bar too by talking to your expert Essex Fells NJ pool installation professional.

Pool Fountains

Fountains are one of the most elegant amenities you can have in your pool. They can either be detached from your pool or you could install them in such a way that they splash on to your pool. Kids will love to play in fountains. Bubblers and jets can also be installed to give more features for kids to have fun and entertain themselves.

Hot Tubs and Spas

If you love hot tubs and spas then installing one with your backyard swimming pool will be a great idea. Many pool owners have installed spillover spas, which are more fun and exciting. Give your pool an exotic and romantic feel with tubs and spas.

Fire Pit

If you love night swimming, then installing a fire pit nearby your pool will let you enjoy a relaxing night after swimming. You can either choose a DIY pit or the most exciting stone pit, which is known to be the best.

Lighting Amenities

LED lighting should be placed appropriately to suit your pool style and design. Modern LED lighting will make your pool shine bright at night. Lighting is very important, so don’t overlook the benefits that it offers.

Pool Cover

Most of you may not consider this an amenity, because this is not something that will give you thrills and chills; but, a pool cover is very important considering the safety feature that it delivers. Families with toddlers and pets should definitely install it for their safety. There are many varieties of covers to suit your pool design and aesthetics.

All these are some of the best amenities you can add to your home pool. There are a lot of other luxury pool features too. You should contact your pool installer to know about all the exciting features you can add to your pool.