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We all usually want to have a nice looking pool that can complement the features of our home. Everyone looks forward to becoming a pool owner, but a number of considerations need to be taken into account before the installation project begins. For starters, before you install a pool in your home, you need to know the different types of pools and what is available on the market. The decision to select the appropriate type of pool can be challenging especially if you don’t have the technical knowledge. However, when you get in contact with an Essex County NJ pool installation expert, they will be able to guide you on what will best fit your needs.

The internet can be of great assistance, especially for educating you on the various types of pools. Below are the major types of swimming pools you can have in your home, feel free to discuss with your pool installer and examine various pros and cons of each. Some of the major factors that will influence the choice of a swimming pool include; budget, size, types of materials, location, and local pool building regulations among others.


Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools are common because they are cheaper and therefore, within the financial reach of many people. Because of the lower price tags, a lot of pool owners opt to go for these pools. So, if you are looking for a pool that is within a reasonable budget, this pool is a great choice for you. If you use a pool installation expert, they will advise you on things you need to know about above-ground pools.

Architectural Pool

An architectural pool focuses more on refining the architecture of a home. Pool installation in Essex County NJ professionals emphasize this pool should have a definite structure and blend perfectly into the design of the house. In addition, this pool is often sophisticated and has a geometric shape designed by an architect. It is usually the best choice for custom built houses.

Family Pool

Family pools are ideal for those looking for pools with awesome features. If you’re looking for a large recreational pool you can enjoy with your family, this pool is a great choice for you. In addition, family pools are great for entertainment and children love playing in them. So, if you’re looking for a pool to support numerous great activities and excitement, this pool will definitely cater to your needs.

Indoor Pool

An indoor pool as the name suggests is an interior pool built inside the house. Essex County NJ pool installation experts advise you should only go for these pools if you are not keen on having a pool outside. The advantage with an indoor pool is that you can use it throughout the year regardless of weather patterns. Because of this, many property owners who live in very cold areas prefer to choose indoor pools for their homes. It is easier to heat an indoor pool because you can easily confine heat as opposed an outdoor pool where heat will likely escape.

Infinity Pool

This pool is known by other names such as infinity edge pools, zero edge, vanishing edge and negative edge pools. These pools are usually custom built and are designed with the main aim of highlighting a certain view. For instance, this pool can create an illusion of a waterfall dropping off the edge of a property. This pool is expensive to construct, and if you are looking for an affordable pool, you will need to look elsewhere.

Kiddie Pool

This is a small pool that is relatively easy to install and maintain. If you’re looking for a tiny pool that will add beauty to your home, this pool is a great choice for you. However, you need to discuss with your pool installation Essex County NJ professional to advise how you need maintain your tiny pool.

Lap Pool

If you want a pool for fitness and health purposes, a lap pool is what you need to consider. Lap pools are usually long and narrow, and most come in a rectangular shape. They are great for exercising since they don’t take up too much of your space.

Natural Pool


This pool whose concept began in Europe is designed to bring together swimming areas and water gardens. A natural pool’s design can be freeform or rustic accompanied by waterfalls and boulders. However, it is associated with a sleek and elegant design and therefore, doesn’t come cheap. When thinking of this kind of pool, you need a reputable and experienced Essex County NJ pool installation expert to handle the various technical issues that need to be taken into consideration.

The above are various types of pools available on the market. If you need a pool in your home, you should begin your research by learning about the various types of pools and determine which is good for your needs. Feel free to look at online photos to have an idea how each pool looks like.